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As Joyce has mentioned on our Facebook page, Hot Chocolate Festival is going on from now until February 14. My first stop (maybe my only one) was at Bella Gelateria in the downtown area by Burrard Station.

It was late in the afternoon, the rain was pouring down and you could feel the cold bite at the tip of your nose. Hot chocolate was the only solution to help cure my body after a tough week at school and help me finally unwind for the weekend, even if it was just for an evening with good company before having to immerse myself back into school work.

The outside of the gelateria is simple and elegant. The inside is a fairly small space, with a display window filled with desserts and wooden tables that were decorated with little vases and flowers and candles.

Sweet fix for the weekend.

There were about 5 types of hot chocolates to choose from, so we picked the Italian honey nougat with milk chocolate and the salty caramel with dark chocolate, both came with a slice of Erin Ireland‘s famous It’s To Die For Banana Bread.


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