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Mr. and I were in the mood for some sushi but I wanted something more delicate, so we ditched the obvious option in BanZai and ventured out to another sushi restaurant – Charcoal Sushi.

It’s more than sushi at Charcoal. You can also order Korean BBQ here with lots of meat options for grilling. Not wanting something too heavy, we stuck with the original sushi idea.


We didn’t order too many dishes, only a couple of rolls and tempura. My must-have sushi, Chopped Scallop Roll, was quite good. It didn’t have the fishy taste that some may have, and the chopped scallops weren’t overdressed. It had a good rice-to-chopped-scallop ratio.

Chopped Scallop Roll

Then we wanted something more interesting, so we ordered the Charcoal Roll. It has prawn tempura, spicy tuna, then topped with a thin slice of avocado and salmon and drizzles of wasabi mayo and teriyaki sauce. (more…)

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Hi Genki is a Japanese restaurant located in the lobby of an old-folks home. It’s not much different than a hospital cafeteria, which is one of the worst possible settings for a restaurant.

Eating Area

If that doesn’t surprise you enough already, there’s usually a line waiting to get seats. That’s right: people line up to eat at a retirement home cafeteria.

The florescent lighting and the uniform layout give off a sterile look. The daily special is hand written, and photocopied and inserted in every menu.

So why do people eat here then? It’s the food, and the value.

What went in

Hi Genki doesn’t serve sushi. It’s an authentic (relatively speaking) Japanese restaurant, primarily serving rice and noodle dishes.

Between the two of us, we had the Spicy Karaage Donburi, the Genki Bento Box, and the Salmon Sashimi.

Spicy Karaage Donburi

The karaage donburi is deep fried chicken served on rice. (more…)

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