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Crepes, who doesn’t love them?

You can find them anywhere, fill them with anything — it’s like a hand held piece of delicious treasure on the go. Fill it with whipped cream, fruit, and ice cream. Sprinkle it with a little cinnamon and sugar. Stuff it with tuna salad and lettuce.

Anyways, there are a lot of places where you can get them; but in the downtown area, a lot of people flock to Cafe Crepe because of their convenient locations. But, if you want a really delicious dessert crepe, I suggest that you try La Bretagne Creperie.

It is further along Robson than Cafe Crepe, but well worth the walk. I’ve been here a handful of times already, the first time being a few years back when the joint was more popular. The last two visits were within a one month time frame and the place has definitely slowed down. It might just be because of the holidays and/or the location.

The place is in dire need of a renovation. The seats, cutlery, decor, everything looks very dated…and not that nice antique kind of way. Strange orange walls, flat screen in the corner, booth seatings – they don’t add up to a classy or contemporary space. I heard that the place switched owners since the last time I was here and you can definitely feel it. The vibe was quite different since my first visit.


I have had several of their crepes already, but mostly sweet (although I’m a savoury kind of gal). The day I decided to actually photograph, we tried two savoury and two sweet – that’s right, four crepes, two people. (more…)


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