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As you know, for about 2 months I was out and about eating at many Chinese restaurants in Lower Mainland to help discover the best restaurants for the Chinese Restaurant Awards. If you are following our Twitter and Instagram feed you would see pictures of some of the places I visited, without leaving you a clue of what I thought about the food. Well, it’s secret no more! Together with Sherman, Chloe and Jesse, here are the results of the Food Bloggers’ Choice Awards.

Food Bloggers’ Choice Winners

Best Har Gow (shrimp dumplings) 蝦餃
Yue Delicacy 鮑粵軒

Shrimp Dumpling, Yue Delicacy

Best Five-spice Beef Wrapped in Pancake 大餅夾牛肉
Long’s Noodle House 小龍記麵家

Five-spice Beef Wrap, Long's Noodle House

Best Tea-smoked Duck 樟茶鴨
Shanghai Elan Restaurant 上海粗菜館


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I don’t often blog about Chinese food because my mom makes great Canton-style dishes (think stir-frys). However we do appreciate other Chinese cuisines and sometimes go out and about for great finds. Shanghainese is one of our favourites, and here’s one that we always go for our Shanghainese food fix – Long’s Noodle House. The restaurant doesn’t look all that fancy on the outside, but don’t let that fool you. It serves some really great food.


I’ve been to Long’s many many times, and of course, when you go to a restaurant very often you start to forget to take pictures. However I do have some images of my favourite dishes here.

Beef Rolls is a must-order for me. I’m not a huge fan of strong, fragrant herbs but for some reason I just really enjoy this dish. It’s basically sliced beef, cilantro and hoi-sin sauce wrapped in a Chinese tortilla. It’s crispy outside and the beef was tender, flavourful with just the right amount of hoi-sin sauce. A great appetizer to start the meal.

Beef Rolls

Beef Rolls

Wine Chicken is also a popular dish at the restaurant. Despite the fact that we order it every time I actually don’t have a picture of it. It’s a chicken drumstick with thigh marinated and cooked in Chinese wine, and is served in a cute little jar. It uses Hua Diao wine which is super fragrant, so even though the alcohol content has evaporated during the cooking process, you can still taste the wine. This dish is meant to serve lukewarm.

How can you not order Xiao Long Bao at a Shanghainese restaurant? I’ve had XLBs at many restaurants and these are one of the best. Thin dumping skin with lots of juice inside. I found the size a bit too big so it takes a few bite to finish. By the way, do you know the proper way of eating XLBs? You are supposed to hold it upside down so the flat side faces up. Then you bite off a bit of the skin, drink the juice, then eat the dumpling with the dipping sauce. It works every time – no XLB juice splashes all over me.

Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao

OK, this next dish is really unhealthy for you but it’s so addicting!! (more…)

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