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People know about wine and food. The wine industry has done a fantastic job promoting food pairings and recipes that include wine as an ingredient. When I lived in Ontario, I used to get a monthly box of wine from Hillebrand Estates Winery that included two bottles of wine along with suggested recipes that paired with, or incorporated, the included wines.

But what about beer? Beer goes with food, too. Craft breweries aren’t shy about giving suggestions on what food to pair with different beer styles, even going as far as to print it on the labels. Unfortunately the industry, from a total sales standpoint, is still dominated by macro brews that don’t give a whit about food pairing or cooking. So, in spite of the efforts of craft producers, the overall alcohol-with-food perception is skewed towards wine.

I think this is changing. Craft beer is growing, and more people are becoming aware of the possibilities craft beer offers for cooking and food pairing. Two of the breweries I’ll be reviewing today, Cannery Brewing and Vancouver Island Brewery, have taken the step of including beer recipes on their websites. I love it!

Those who follow me on Twitter may have noticed me dipping my toes into the Cooking With Beer arena. Today I’m here to tell you some of the results.

Pancakes with beer

Pancake Recipe

I decided to start with something easy – Pancakes! I have a base recipe that I’ve been making for years so I know exactly what to expect from it. Here it is: (more…)

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Winter is one of the best times of the year for seasonal beers with local craft brewers pushing out all kinds of tasty brews to take advantage of the Christmas shopping spree. Now, I know Christmas is already a distant memory for most of you, but I’ve been away on holidays so it’s still fresh in my mind, as are these beers. So, without further ado, onwards:

Parallel 49

I once saw Parallel 49 tweet “We try our best to innovate, not imitate”, and if you take a look through their portfolio of beers, you can see they take that philosophy seriously. This can result in awesome beers like From East Van With Love or Snap, Crackle, Hop, but it can also result in forgettable disasters like Lil Red.  Whatever the case may be, P49 is always a great place to try something new and different.

Sahti Claws – A Finnish Sahti, this is a style brewed with Juniper berries that I hadn’t even heard of, let alone tasted, so I went into this one with absolutely no idea what to expect. It came out surprisingly standard, but not in a bad way. Pine, juniper, a little hops and malts. Nicely balanced. Pretty decent. (more…)

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