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When Mr. and I planned a dinner out with my colleague SM and fiance CD, we were looking at a number of restaurants in Gastown. In the end, we decided on Wildebeest because its menu was quite intriguing.

Intriguing, how? There’s a lot of game meat on the menu. And we ordered a lot of them.


I don’t think I’ve seen duck hearts on a menu before. These Popcorn Duck Hearts were addictive – they’re crispy outside, meaty inside. Slightly bigger than chicken hearts, and not gamey (to me). The batter was thin, and it wasn’t greasy. The yogurt sauce was like a dipping sauce, bringing freshness and creaminess to the dish. You really could keep popping them in your mouth like popcorn.

Popcorn Duck Hearts

This Bison Carpaccio looks like a typical carpaccio, except with the use of bison instead of beef. The bison was lightly seared on the outside so it’s practically rare. Even though it’s leaner, it’s still tender, buttery. The sorghum “popcorn” added some crunch. The highlight of the dish was the sous vide egg yolk.



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Mr. and I went to a food blogger gathering at Deutsches Haus Restaurant. As it’s the dining room of the Vancouver Alpen Club, I was looking forward to a treat to some authentic German food.


When this dinner was first initiated, the sole purpose was to try the festplatte. It’s a German meat platter for 4 people. How meaty, you ask? Here’s the list:

  • 1 eisbein (pork hock)
  • 2 kassler (pork loin)
  • 2 bratwurst
  • 2 leberkäse (meat loaf, similar to bologna sausage or spam)
  • 1 schweineschnitzel (breaded pork schnitzel)


Plus mashed potatoes, dumplings, red cabbage and sauerkraut – that’s a huge variety of food for $20 per person! I automatically opted in for this while Mr. ordered a Zigeunerschnitzel on his own. All pork schnitzel dishes were on special that day, $15 including a pint of Warsteiner Draught (instead of $18-19 a plate + ~$6-7  a beer)  – that reminds me of the Long Table Series at Irish Heather.

Verdict? (more…)

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