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In case you haven’t heard, there are two night markets in Richmond this year. In addition to the Summer Night Market near No.5 Road and Vulcan Way, the original founder of the Richmond Night Market returns and sets up some tents by the River Rock Casino on River Road. We went to check it out.

Instead of charging you $5 for parking like the Summer Night Market (I know, there’s only subtle difference in the names), the Richmond Night Market offers you free parking with a small admission fee. I have heard that when it first started in May, the admission fee was $1. Now they’re charging you $1.50 per person. Still reasonable, and if you figure you’d frequent the night market this summer, you could get a pass for $10 and it would allow one individual to visit the night market 10 times.

Of course, this post will focus on the food stalls. And frankly, there’s not much to see in the retail section, especially I just came back from HK where I could find similar items at a fraction of the cost.


Here are a few vendors we stopped by on that day. They’re listed below in no particular order.

There were at least a couple booths selling BBQ Squid but this is the one we chose. I remember seeing this booth at the Summer Night Market last year – I wonder if they have a booth at both night markets this year, or simply move over here. Unfortunately it doesn’t have an English name (other than B.B.Q. Squid in the top left corner of its banner), so just match the booth with the following picture.

BBQ Squid Booth

BBQ Squid Booth

You can choose mild or spicy in the seasoning, and we chose spicy. A bit disappointed, it wasn’t as yummy as I remembered it to be. While the squid tentacles were seasoned well, I couldn’t really taste the heat, and they were a bit too salty for my liking. This year, they’ve used a much bigger flat iron grill to speed up the service; you know you won’t have to wait long for some squid!

BBQ Squid

BBQ Squid

One of my night market staple is fish siu mai. I just have to get them, with a little bit of spicy soy sauce. So we stopped by Po Wah Dim Sum for some fish siu mai, and also some chow mein to satisfy Mr.‘s carbs craving.

Po Wah Dim Sum

Po Wah Dim Sum

The Fish Siu Mai was alright. (more…)


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