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I didn’t grow up with a lot of baked goods. It wasn’t really a part of my culture. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t long until I started to take a liking to them. After all, who can say no to a soft, moist, and buttery cookie?

Well I certainly couldn’t.

This is the only Nestle Toll House store in BC, and in Canada for that matter (strange choice, because you would assume most chains would open their flagship store in Vancouver or Toronto). Like a bakery, all the sweets are displayed at the front of the shop. There are various types of desserts, with the majority being cookies. They also have smoothies and Nescafe products.

Nestle Toll House Cafe

Nestle Toll House Cafe

What went in

I went straight for the epic: the Double Trouble. 2 large cookies stuck together with a thick layer of icing.

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Is it too rich? Yes. Is it too sweet? Yes. But is it awesome? Oh yeah.

You can’t think of this cookie as a snack. It’s a lot more than that, literally. Everything about it is overwhelming. (more…)

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