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Our friends at ChineseBites invited me to a Chinese fine dining experience at Chang’An Restaurant. It’s located right under the Granville Bridge, where Nu and Stonegrill used to be, with the gorgeous view of the False Creek.

Chang'An Restaurant

It turned out to be an elaborate 17-course dinner. Hold the drool! This is going to be a long and delicious post!


As each table of guests is seated, they would be greeted with Guo Kui Pita 鍋盔. This was like complimentary bread served at western restaurants. The pita bread was served warm, crispy on the outside, and soft inside. I really liked the fermented bean sauce that came with it; it’s nutty and spicy, kinda like XO sauce too.

Guo Kui Pita 鍋盔

But we were all distracted by what’s happening on the table-side. It’s the Chang’an Roasted Duck 長安炙鴨! This was what we came here for. It’s the restaurant’s signature dish, and you must pre-order ahead of time. Why? Because it takes 72 hours to prepare the duck, then it’s roasted in-house for over an hour. According to the restaurant, they actually schedule the cooking time based on your dinner reservation, so it would be served roughly 15 minutes after you are seated, ensuring the optimal tenderness of the meat and crispiness of the skin.

Chang’an Roasted Duck 長安炙鴨

Usually for Peking Ducks, restaurants would just skin the duck and serve it with crepes, etc. Here they actually serve the skin two ways: first of all, they serve the crispiest part of the skin, and skin only with just a thin layer of fat, and you dip it in brown sugar. (more…)


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I have to say, at first I cringed at the thought of having Chinese food in Campbell River. My previous experiences with small town Chinese food had been terrible. Short of making a sweet and sour pork burger, many of these places have bastardized Chinese food to a point where you can’t even recognize them anymore.

With subtle signage and a name far from Golden Dragon Happy Panda Wok, Beijing House gave me a sliver of hope, that a Chinese restaurant in a small town may have redeeming qualities. Will my hopes and dreams be fulfilled? Or will my heart get broken once again? You’ll have to read on to find out.

Chapter 1 – Through the door

The décor was heavily accented with red. A few pieces of Chinese art dotted the walls, along with pictures of their dishes. It’s clean, it’s relatively simple, and it’s pleasing to the eye. First impression wise, Beijing House did well.



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