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For my birthday, Mr. surprised me with a dinner at Supermarine. Since its opening, I’ve been wanting to check it out so I was very excited when our car pulled up right in front of the restaurant.

Supermarine focuses on sustainable, seasonal, local products, highlighting the best that our farmers and fishers can offer. There are a number of staple items on the menu with seasonal dishes as well as daily features.


There isn’t a clear division of appetizers vs. entrees on the menu, so we basically just order a bunch of items to share. First, the name Octopus Chips immediately caught our attention and it just sounded like something fun to eat. And it sure was fun! Sliced octopus and fingerling potatoes were lightly battered then deep fried to become “chips”, served in a little jar. Both octopus and potatoes were crispy on the outside; the octopus was tender and not at all chewy, while the potatoes were soft and fluffy inside. The bravas sauce was a tomato-based aioli, slightly spiced. The chips became quite addictive and we couldn’t really stop eating them.

Octopus Chips

You probably don’t know but I’m a sucker for fried/roasted Brussels sprouts (best with bacon, of course!). Our friend NS makes a killer one and I even requested it for our Thanksgiving dinner. So when I saw Fried Brussels Sprouts on Supermarine’s menu, obviously it made its way to our table. There’s an Asian touch to this version with the use of soy and shallot as well as cilantro as garnish, and the honey added some sweetness to the dish. I always think balsamic vinegar and Brussels sprouts are a perfect match, but Supermarine used yogurt instead to introduce acidity and to my surprise, it worked just as well. The Brussels sprouts had crispy edges, yet they’re still tender. This was one of the best Brussels sprouts I’ve had.

Fried Brussels Sprouts

Squid & Lamb, what an unusual combination of surf and turf! And the Middle Eastern influence was pretty apparent as they’re served on top of hummus! (more…)


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Having some 1:1 time with CC and I was suddenly inspired to try a new restaurant (I usually wait a bit before going to a new place, just to give them time to work out the kinks, etc.). There were a few options but the name AnnaLena, as well as its menu, intrigued me, so we checked it out on a Friday night.


Its menu is not too big, but with a good variety highlighting a key ingredient in each dish. Between the two of us, we shared a few things:

The Grilled Octopus reminded me of a potato salad, an elevated version that was executed well. The octopus was cut into small pieces so they were easier to cook and could absorb flavours easily. They were tender, and the suction cups were so much fun to eat. The lobster mayo offered a hint of ocean taste. The dill was quite prominent but I liked the fresh element that it brought.

Grilled Octopus

The Cured Salmon was basically a deconstructed lox and bagel. The house cured salmon had a good meaty texture thanks to the thick cut, and it’s not overly salty. The croutons were perhaps a bit too greasy for my liking, but I absolutely loved the chewy texture. Especially when you combined the croutons with the everything bagel spice, it definitely reminded me of the Montreal style bagels we kept on going back for when we visited Montreal this summer.

Cured Salmon

Even though pork belly was supposed to be the star of Tamari Marinated Grilled Pork Belly, what surprised and impressed me was the braised beets. (more…)

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A spa date with CC took me to North Vancouver and she suggested to try this restaurant called Tour de Feast. It’s located in a business complex next to an industrial complex. It’s not easy to spot in the dark and the interior basically looked like a cafe.


Taken a look at the menu and I was caught off guard by how fancy the menu was. Not a big menu, but with items that you would find at fine dining restaurants. The day’s special was a surf and turf with steak and sockeye salmon; I didn’t go for that because my mood didn’t call for it.

So for appetizer I ordered the Octopus 2 Ways. First, the tentacles were braised to absolute tenderness it could be considered borderline mushy. Haha the suction cups just fell right off as you took bites. The flavour was quite nice; it could be even better if using a bit of heat. Then, there was an octopus rillette. It’s similar to crab cake except it’s mostly dough with some pieces of octopus inside. It’s pretty good but quite filling. I think we were off to a good start.

Octopus 2 Ways

With entree, I chose one of my favourite dishes, Duck Confit Cassoulet. The duck leg looked HUGE!! (more…)

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To write for the blog, Mr. and I eat out quite a bit. So when it comes to special occasions/celebrations, it’s extra difficult to come up with unique ideas. For my birthday, Mr. surprised me by taking me to Kitsilano Daily Kitchen. As suggested by its name, the restaurant crafts its menu on a daily basis, depending on the ingredients owner/executive chef Brian Fowke finds in grocery stores, local markets, etc. We had no idea what we would be eating until we arrived at the restaurant and looked at the menu. Little did we know, we still had no clue what we were having until the very moment the dishes were served.

Kitislano Daily Kitchen's Daily Menu on Dec 10, 2011

Kitislano Daily Kitchen's Daily Menu on Dec 10, 2011


After perusing the menu, we were tempted by the idea of the “Culinary Adventure”. According to our server, it’s a 6-course tasting menu that may or may not incorporate some of the dishes listed on the daily menu. Feeling a bit adventurous on that day, I convinced Mr. to try it with me.

While we were waiting for our food, we received a serving of home-made Potato Bread. It was moist and fluffy. And the poppy seeds added a bit of a crunch. Interestingly, it was not only served with the ordinary olive oil and vinegar, but also some sea salt, a few pieces of kimchi and green olives & sausages. The savoury and spicy taste of these ingredients worked pretty well with the bread. You  may find it strange, but the combo of kimchi and potato bread was quite good.

Home-made Potato Bread with Poppy Seeds

Home-made Potato Bread with Poppy Seeds

The tasting menu turned out to be quite an adventure. We saw components of various regular menu items in our dinner, however, they were presented differently that allowed us to see them in a different light. Let’s talk about it course by course. Compare our dinner to the regular menu above, and you’ll know what I mean.

Salt-cured Coho Salmon, Spicy Couscous and Charcoal Aioli

A light start. The cured salmon was buttery and flavourful. A bit salty at certain bite but it was fine if combining with the couscous. The charcoal aioli was a surprise. It really did have the char taste to it, as if you were eating something burnt pretty badly. (more…)

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