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On one of the hottest days this summer, with the low hum of an espresso machine in the background, a tanned Italian man named Mario spoke animatedly. This was the setting that transported us to a cafe in Milan as we sipped espresso and discussed Italian style coffee at the Umbria Coffee Roasters’ warehouse in South Vancouver.

With passion and flair, Mario impressed upon us the Italian coffee culture that Umbria represents: an unpretentious experience that simply allows one to enjoy a cup of good quality coffee. He and his colleague Ricardo explained the importance of consistency and balance in the beans, and the science and art behind making a great cup of espresso — the correct ground, the perfect water temperature, the well-timed brew. In addition, the amount of effort their master roaster puts in to blend different beans from across the globe is shockingly similar to what a winemaker does to achieve consistent quality of wine year after year. Mr. and I tasted a variety of their coffee, learned about the philosophy of roasting Italian style coffee, and even had a chance to play barista with their commercial espresso machine.


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The first time I walked by the Trees Organic on Granville, the awning that reads “Best Cheesecake in Vancouver” immediately caught my attention. After some research, it was the Province newspaper that crowned them one of the five great places for cheesecake in Vancouver. Having to meet up with a friend over coffee, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and set Trees Organic as our meet-up spot.


Trees Organic promotes that they use organic, fairtrade beans. While I was there, I had a cup of Latte (sorry, no picture). Specialty drinks are tricky to make and the flavours vary from cafe to cafe. I quite enjoyed this latte. The foam was frothy and the coffee itself wasn’t bitter like some other ones. Only wish it’s slightly hotter.

Because I still had dinner plan, I couldn’t enjoy the cheesecake in-store. Instead, I ordered two slices to go: Mango Cheesecake and Mocha Cheesecake. The downside of to-go is that they don’t come with whipped cream. And when I had to travel for an hour before I got home, my cheesecakes melted a little and flopped, and the fridge just couldn’t revive them.

Mango and Mocha cheesecakes to-go

Mango and Mocha cheesecakes to-go

Nonetheless, I still enjoyed them. (more…)

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