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Meat & Bread didn’t really catch my attention until I saw it feature in an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. In fact, it was precisely at 5:13 of this clip that made me decide that I have to try this place.

Naturally, I was very excited to learn that they’re opening a second location on Pender Street, only steps away from my office. We were counting down the days to its opening, yet several months later we still haven’t stepped inside the store. Must be the “it’s so close we can go anytime” mentality.

Finally, for a team lunch we chose Meat & Bread as our destination. This is it – the moment a few of us have been waiting for!

Lunch lineup at the door

Lunch lineup at the door


It just smells so good as soon as you walk inside. There’s a staff chopping mushrooms right in front of you. Then another dicing the house-made porchetta.

Chopping & dicing the Porchetta

Chopping & dicing the Porchetta

Without hesitation I ordered a Porchetta Sandwich. Because there’s limited seating in store, we ordered our sandwiches to go. But I was able to take a glimpse of my sandwich before it went into the box. Argh the anticipation! (more…)

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