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As our days get longer and some days are nice and sunny, I think it’s a call for a return to our beloved food trucks. I’m still surprised by how many food trucks I haven’t tried, even those that have been around for quite some time, or those that are within foot steps from my workplace. First one this year, Mr. Shawarma near the Hyatt Regency Vancouver Hotel.

Mr. Shawarma


The menu is pretty simple: pita wraps, boxes and fries/poutine. I have heard that its boxes are pretty big, so I opted for the smaller Beef Pita Wrap instead. Looking at the menu and one phrase caught my attention – Potato Fries Stuffed in Wrap — what?! Now I’m intrigued.

Beef Pita Wrap

The wrap was still pretty decent in size. It had lots of beef inside, a bit dry on its own but the sauces helped keep it all together. I like the nutty flavour in the Tahini sauce. You have the choice of spicy or not spicy with your wrap or box; I ordered the wrap spicy so it had a nice hint of heat without being overpowering. And there were the potato fries! (more…)


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As part of a team building exercise, my boss KB, coworker AM and I went to Nuba at Hastings & Cambie for lunch. It’s been awhile since I last had food from Nuba. I still remember it was a lunch catering at the office and I only had a quick taste of its food and was intrigued. Finally a chance to sit down and try the food again.

Lunch at Nuba

Lunch at Nuba


Because it was just a quick lunch, we each ordered a Pita. It was pretty big in size, at least for me it was more than enough for lunch. I ordered Lamb Hushwie, which is sauteed lamb – more like ground lamb meat. It comes with onions, peppers, pine nuts and hummus.

Lamb Hushwie

Lamb Hushwie – Sauteed lamb with onions, peppers, pine nuts and spices over hummus.

There was a lot of meat actually, with a healthy serving of lettuce and tomatoes. (more…)

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