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My girlfriends decided to venture out to the West End for some good eats, and we ended up at the door of Le Parisien. Given my positive experience during Dine Out Vancouver, they were convinced to try its regular menu.


Then I realized some menu items were previously on the DOV menu – which is a good thing because I have tried some of them and know they are good and whether they are worth re-ordering or recommending to the girls.

For appetizer I ordered one of my favourite French appies, Escargots. They were not in the typical garlic butter sauce. Instead, each snail sat in a fresh parsley sauce along with a slice of garlic. In fact, I think the garlic was uncooked, or barely cooked, so were the parsley leaves. There was a really earthy, leafy tone to the sauce. It’s definitely missing the rich, buttery flavours from a typical escargot plate, and I think I prefer that over this parsley sauce.


Because I was off beef during DOV, I didn’t get to try Mr.‘s Grilled Flank Steak, so I decided to order it this time around. The portion size was similar to the DOV plate (translation: good value during Dine Out), only with even more fries. (more…)


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Dine Out Vancouver officially kicked off on January 18 and right away I started on the eating. Typically, downtown is the destination to go for Dine Out, but a number of North Shore restaurants have some tempting menus and so, we decided to venture out. On this first night of DOV, my parents and I went to Fishworks in North Vancouver.

Dine Out at Fishworks

Dine Out at Fishworks


Since there were 3 of us, it was the perfect opportunity to try every dish on the DOV menu. Let’s start with the appetizers.

The Dungeness Crab was probably the tastiest of the three. It was a coconut soup with a crab claw in its perfect form. The soup was creamy, reminding me of Thai curry with lots of coconut milk. I could also taste a hint of heat in the soup.

Dungeness crab

Dungeness crab – in coconut soup with enoki mushrooms

The Qualicum Beach Scallops was the most creative appetizer. (more…)

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