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As part of our trip to Victoria, we decided to discover some brunch places. Remember seeing the stack of red velvet pancakes on You Gotta Eat Here, we got to the door of Jam Cafe in the old town area.


After a 40-minute wait, we were finally presented with the menu and my eyes were no longer on the red velvet pancakes. Instead, I got myself the Chicken French Toast. Oh my, it was a huge, pretty plate!

The whole chicken breast was nicely fried, crispy, crunchy, with just the right amount of breading. The meat was still juicy. As you know I’m a sucker for brioche so the brioche French toasts were really enjoyable for me; perhaps they could be soaked in the egg mixture just a bit longer. The highlight for me was the Tabasco honey, in place of a syrup, which was sweet with a hint of heat. The dish was a very well executed combination of sweet and savoury/spicy. Will order that again.

Chicken French Toast

Mr. ordered himself a messy burger. The Union Beast sandwich looked irresistible and sure enough, it tasted very good.

The Union Beast

The tangy cola BBQ sauce was a bit sweeter than regular BBQ sauce, but not overly sweet. (more…)


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Famoso has always been on our list of authenticity when it comes to Neapolitan pizzas. Some may find its dough too soft or soggy but that was the texture of the Neapolitan pizzas we had in Naples, the birth place of this pizza variety. When Famoso recently launched new menu items, we gladly accepted the invitation to give them a try.


Before we got to the new items, we ordered the Polpette al Forno (Spiced Pork Meatballs) to start. They were meaty and juicy, not much filler, and the meatballs held together really well. What made this addictive was the tomato sauce. It was the same sauce you would find in the Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella Balls; it tasted fresh, tomatoey (if there is such a word) and we really liked the acidity in the tomatoes.

Polpette al Forno

Then, we took our first bites of the new items. The Korean BBQ Pork Pizza could be deceiving. At first we found it a bit sweet from the BBQ sauce and hoisin sauce, then bam! the heat finally hit you and now it’s a fine balance of sweet and spicy. It didn’t look like a lot of meat in the toppings either, but turned out to be just right. If you like Asian food, you will enjoy this Asian twist to an Italian classic.

Korean BBQ Pork Pizza

The Paesano Fire Bread Sandwich (Pulled Pork Sandwich) is different from most others. (more…)

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Pizza, the bread and butter of the 20-something age group, is a simple yet magical food. Everything from the sticky cheese to the crispy (as it should be) crust spells deliciousness.

Picture this, a big slice of pie being lifted away from its friends, hot steam pouring out from the edges, strings of mozzarella cheese tugging at the crust, refusing to let go. Next, the scent of tomato sauce and toasted meat slams into your nostrils…

You are drooling now aren’t you?

It’s pretty amazing that for something so easy to make, so many people screw it up so badly. There’s something to be said about finding a decent pizzeria. And I think I’ve just added another one to the good list.


It was 7:30 on a Friday night, in the dead still downtown of Bellingham, WA, I was driving around looking for a place to fill my empty tummy. For blocks on end it was completely dark and void of life. All of a sudden I see cars parked on the street, some light, and noises that sounded like happy people taking a mouthful of delicious food (might have imagined the last part).


I pulled over and went in for a look. It’s decorated like a grass hut inside and out. It’s a Hawaiian theme. The restaurant is casual — you order at the counter and sit yourself anywhere you’d like, just like a little hut on the coast of Hawaii. The crowd is pretty young, mostly early to mid-twenties type. It looks like a college hang out.

The menu is pretty short, everything fits on one page. All the pizzas are deep dish, and come in either 6’’ or 12’’ pans. Sandwiches are equally simple — you can go for either a full or half sized piece.

There is also some other stuff appropriately listed under “other stuff”, such as various types of balls, wings, nachos and sides. I didn’t order any so I can’t tell you much about them.

What went in

We ordered a small ‘Da’ Big Kahuna and a small Waikiki, as well as a full-sized Bar-B-Que Killer Pork. (more…)

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