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Vancouver has a pretty limited number of BBQ restaurants. Memphis Blues is the most well known, if not the only chain. After my disappointing experience with the Hog Shack, I was looking forward to another BBQ house.

I’ve had a couple experiences with Memphis Blues in the past, and they have been positive. But seeing as this is the biggest platter I’ve ever tried there, I’d give it a short, but proper review.

What went in

The Elvis Platter: appropriately named as it was what turned Elvis fat, possibly. This large platter contains a good portion of every meat they have, which includes ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork, BBQ chicken, smoked sausage, and rib ends. On top of that, they are served with corn bread, fries, beans, and coleslaw.

Elvis Platter

Elvis Platter – Every kind of meat plus all the fixin’s. Even more meat than the Memphis Feast!!

Let’s start with what I liked. (more…)


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Last week, we were invited to Memphis Blues’ newest location on Robson Street for its grand opening party. Now who’s going to say no to barbecue meat and beer? I didn’t!

It’s been awhile since I ate at Memphis Blues, so I was curious how its quality has held up. On top of that was our rather disappointing experience at Hog Shack; I was hoping that attending this party would give BBQ joints a chance to redeem themselves.

Memphis Blues on Robson

Memphis Blues on Robson

First I was greeted with a glass of Selbach Riesling. Even though it was a bit drier than most Riesling, its slight tartness (think green apple) helps cut through the heavy, rich barbecue meat. Despite that, on its own it was still a rather easy-drinking white.

Staff working the food stations

Staff working the food stations

Of the variety of meat and sides that we could try, I had a sample of: (more…)

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On a sunny day in spring, we visited Hog Shack — a BBQ joint in Steveston. There was no way we could’ve prepared ourselves on what was to come: more food than two human beings should ever eat in one sitting.

Hog Shack

The inside of Hog Shack was just as you’d expect for a place like this: red and white checkered table cloth, wood paneled walls, and a lingering smell of charred meat and grease. I liked where this was going.

See we had purchased a $39 deal that included the $50 Johnny’s Jurassic Platter, and 2 beers. The platter started us off with a salad each, and followed up with a huge plate piled with various meats, and dessert.

What went in

I ordered an Acai Berry Wheat Beer. I don’t typically order fruity beers, but this was a nice surprise. The light citrus taste and slight wheat taste bounced and mixed in my month, making it a great easy drinking summer brew.

Acai Berry Wheat

The quantity of meat in this package exceeded awesome and border-lined on insane. (more…)

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