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After climbing out of my big comfy bed at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, and getting a splash of sun from the floor to ceiling windows, it was time for breakfast.

Breakfast in Bed

Ahhh… breakfast in bed… what a wonderful concept. People would tell you the bed should be for sleep and sex only, but I’d disagree. A bed’s comfort level is at its highest in the morning. Trust me, I’ve spent many days sleeping in to research this thoroughly. It’s full of warmth and softness. And to have someone make and deliver breakfast for me to eat in bed, it made me feel all fluffy inside.

I’m actually not a breakfast guy, but I do love breakfast. How does that work you ask? I don’t usually eat in the morning, but I do like what goes in a breakfast. All that fat, protein, and carbs, it’s a TRI-WINNING combination. (more…)

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