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Bob Blumer’s World’s Weirdest Restaurants is returning for another season and he’s hosting a dinner to preview some of the new episodes. Remembering how much fun it was the last time, I accepted the invitation and went to the dinner with JN.

Season 2 of World's Weirdest Restaurants

Season 2 of World’s Weirdest Restaurants

It was held at the Electric Owl on Main Street, and greeting us at the table was a headlamp. Ahh we know we’re in for some fun!

Headlamp waiting at the table

Headlamp waiting at the table

Bob Blumer came on stage and gave us a brief introduction. Once again we would have a 4-course dinner that was inspired by some of the restaurants Bob visited. Before each dish was served, we got to view the segment of the featured restaurant. (more…)


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