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The Butcher & Bullock is very close to my office. One time when I was hanging out with friends at the Butcher & Bullock, I discovered the “Build Your Sausage Plate“. You get to choose two sausages crafted in collaboration with Two Rivers Meats + two types of mustard + fries & kimchi. I paid extra for a piece of pretzel on the side because I didn’t think there would be enough food. (Excuse the grainy photo – like the mustard haha – it was an impromptu meetup so I didn’t have my camera with me!)

Build Your Sausage Plate - The Donnelly Group

I chose a bratwurst and a chorizo. The sausages were juicy, flavourful. (more…)


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During our search for the best Chinese restaurants in town, we made a stop at Uncle Lu in Richmond. It’s the sister restaurant to Corner 23 on Cambie Street.


Suggested by its Chinese name 萬巒豬腳, the restaurant’s signature dish is its pork hock. My mom is really good at making pork hock dishes so I had high expectations. This Pork Hock was legit! The skin was gelatinous, a little bit fatty, while still giving you a bit of a bite. The meat was tender, well-seasoned and flavourful. They could have done a better job plugging the hair out of the skin, though, as pieces of hair were still visible. The dipping sauce added some garlicky flavour, but it was cold. If the sauce was warm, it would help maintain the temperature of the meat, which would make it even more enjoyable.

Pork Hock

Their Three Cup Chicken is a dry interpretation of this Taiwanese classic. The portions size was quite big here. (more…)

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There’s a new bratwurst in town that I keep hearing about from people and it took me awhile to figure out where it was. It’s a little bit outside of my lunch radius, since it takes me 15 mins to walk – yes, I walk at the pace of a 65-year-old with a walker and severe arthritis.

From the outside

Glowing sausage!

Sausages are delicious and in such a simple form that you can’t possibly screw it up, right? Unfortunately, I’ve been disappointed time after time again – lack of spices, poor choice of meat/combination of meats, not enough fat, ripped casing, etc. The more disappointed I got, the more I realized that a sausage is actually very complex. It’s served exactly as the maker intended, from the amount of crunch from the casing, to the seasonings and spices, the texture of the meat, how juicy it is, all served into this sausage – after you take one bite. That’s a lot of pressure to get everything perfect.

Why did I come to Bestie after I started hearing the great reviews from others? To be honest, I wasn’t here for the food. I saw pictures of the interior and it looked beautifully designed – kudos to Scott & Scott Architects for a nicely executed project. All the print work was done beautifully – wonder if the owners designed it? Bestie is located on Pender Street in Chinatown, the area that’s slowly converting from old Chinese stores to these “hipster” (or whatever you want to call them) run places, like vintage stores, bicycle shops, and hair salons. The staff working here are pretty hip, a little bit retro, with their clear framed glasses or clubmaster frames, bright lipsticks, and toques.

Lovely peg board design by Scott & Scott.

Lovely peg board design by Scott & Scott.

The service here was friendly, one of the staff was a bit overbearing. I came here with the bf, and they explained how their menu worked as it was our first time. There are two styles to the dishes, one is currywurst in which they slice the sausage for you and put it on top of fries with house made curry ketchup; the other is the sausage and sauerkraut where they leave the sausage whole, with fries and sauerkraut on the side. (more…)

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It’s been awhile since I’ve wandered around the law court area. But there’s been a great addition to the area for a delicious sandwich — the kind on a nice crusty baguette instead of the sliced loaf bread, score!

Hubbub Sandwiches.

The place is comfortable and cute, with white walls, dimmed lighting, colourful chairs, and a large photo print of Lego men on canvas. The kind of place where you won’t make a fool of yourself trying to pronounce ridiculous item names and could probably impress your friends by knowing that such a place exists downtown.

Different types of seating, always a good idea.

The menu is small and straightforward. Couple of different types of sandwiches, handful of sides to pick from, and drinks, including beer and wine on tap! (more…)

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On a Monday evening, I checked out the Vancouver Christmas Market with my coworkers. In its second year, the Vancouver Christmas Market is modelled after the German Christmas Market. Located at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza, you will find Christmas gifts, craft goods, a giant Carousel (which I forgot to take a picture of) and of course, food and drinks. Here’s a quick take of what I had while I was there.

Big Christmas Tree at the Market

Big Christmas Tree at the Market

Bavarian Sausage at Black Forest Meat & Sausages – tasty sausage mixed with caramelized onions and sauerkraut. I wish they would toast the bun too, but I think it’s a bit of work to manage that. The various sausages are of decent size, not bad for $8. If you are tiny like me, make sure to get their attention when you’re waiting for yours by the grill. They do shout out the orders but they might miss one here and there, and with a tall counter top, they may not see you and forgot your order. Just shout out politely what you ordered again and it’ll be ready for you in seconds!

Bavarian Sausage

Bavarian Sausage

Melted Swiss Raclette on Ciabatta at Dussa’s Ham & Cheese – this, you can smell it miles away. In fact, this is the first thing you’d smell when you get to the market. Just follow your nose and you will find the booth. It’s quite entertaining to watch the staff prepare it, as they place half a wheel of cheese under a special Raclette grill and the top layer of cheese bubbles away and turns golden brown; then the staff would scrape the cheese off and put it on top of the Ciabatta bun. (more…)

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