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Before we did our brewery walking tour in Ballard, Bad Jimmy’s was actually the first brewery we visited during our recent trip to Seattle. It’s not quite in the cluster of breweries in Ballard but it’s close to that area.

Bad Jimmy's Brewing

The Beers

Here they have a list of Year Round beers and a list of Seasonals. It’s $9 for a flight of Year Round or Seasonals, or $10 to mix them up (stout costs extra $2), or simply $2.50 for a 5oz taster. So naturally, wanting to try more, we ordered a flight off each list. (more…)


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Mr. and I had a few days off in April, so we decided to head down to Seattle for a quick getaway. It’s been a couple of years now since we last headed south of the border thanks to the weak Canadian Dollar.

Instead of hanging out in the downtown area, we chose to stay in the Ballard district, which is known for its ever growing share of breweries. Where we stayed was within walking distance to a cluster of craft breweries, so we did a self-guided brewery tour.

And that means we just hit the street and started walking towards the first stop from our temporary home. When I was looking up the breweries, Lucky Envelope caught my eyes because its logo is the red envelope 利是 we hand out during Chinese New Year and to no surprise, looks like it’s Asian owned. LE it is.

Stop #1 – Lucky Envelope

Seattle Ballard Brewery Stop 1 - Lucky Envelope

Lucky Envelope Brewing

Lucky for us, it was the release day of their sours. And we are big sour fans!! There were 6 on the menu, so we opted for the lighter ones (it’s only our first stop!) plus a couple of other brews:

  • Raspberry Sour
  • Mango Sour
  • Lychee Sour
  • Blackberry Shake Sour
  • Beardless Brewer Red Ale
  • Error 404: El Dorado Haze IPA

Lucky Envelope Brewing

Mr.‘s favourite was the Lychee Sour. (more…)

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I’m a guy, and guys like burgers. This post will be a story about the best burger I’ve ever had. The Gainsbourger.


Serge Gainsbourg was a well known French pop star. Who he really was isn’t as important as what he means to the folks that opened Gainsbourg in Seattle. To them, “Serge was the perfect muse: a debauched, dry-witted raconteur revered around the world for his genre-surfing contributions to the pop music canon and his unfailing ability to seduce, enrage and inspire in equal measures.”

Art thrives in many mediums. And for a very brief moment on New Year’s Eve 2012, I chewed and swallowed on a beautifully composed burger.

Chapter One – The Find

We stayed at a cheap little motel north of Seattle. The neighbourhood reminded me of various parts of Kingsway—a little messy but non-threatening.

There weren’t a whole lot of restaurants in the surrounding area. We were able to narrow it down to a couple places, and Gainsbourg was among them. In the end, their $6 escargot won us over.

Even though it was a short drive, it was late, and we were very hungry. As we walked in the door, my heart dropped. (more…)

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Bacon: a gift from the gods to the common man. They are great on burgers, the perfect companion to eggs; they can be had on their own, or used to spice up an otherwise boring dish.

They usually come in 1lb packages, wrapped in paper and plastic, and sitting in their own juices. They are easy enough to cook, but I’ve wondered if there was a more “portable” package of bacon.

What went in

The universe presents to you, Bacon Spread.

The Bacon Spread is made by Skillet, a street food company located in Seattle, which apparently also makes processed products on the side. It’s made with real bacon, rendered down, cooked with seasoning for a few hours, and pureed.

Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread

Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread

It comes in two flavours, Original, and Fennel and Black Pepper. (more…)

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Ebelskiver, what? That’s my first thought when I walked past the Ebelskiver Lady booth at the Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle. Curiosity combined with an empty stomach, I approached the booth and asked the lady behind it.

The EbelSkiver Lady booth

The EbelSkiver Lady booth

Sure enough, she is the Ebelskiver Lady and she told us that ebelskivers are traditional Danish pancake balls. That sounded so interesting, and I’ve never had Danish food before so of course I went for some. To order, we would choose 1-2 filling for each ebelskiver and there are numerous items on the menu that you can mix and match with, including fresh fruit, jam, sauces and even salmon. (more…)

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