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For five days in October, the Lonsdale Quay Market ran a food and beverage festival called Savour. Honestly, we don’t go to the North Shore very often because we live in the suburbs, so we don’t know Lonsdale Quay very well. Since the Savour event was free for public to attend, Mr. and I took the opportunity to explore the market.

Savour Market Taste Tour hosted by Kristen at Vitamin K Nutrition Consulting

Savour Market Taste Tour hosted by Kristen at Vitamin K Nutrition Consulting

It tuns out there are a number of hidden gems in the market. We went on the Market Taste Tour, hosted by a Savour sponsor, Kristen from Vitamin K Nutrition Consulting, and visited 7 food vendors:

  • The Soup Meister
  • El Dorado Pies
  • Cilantro & Jalapeno
  • Waterfront Salad Garden
  • The Salmon Shop
  • Screaming Mimi’s
  • Sharky’s Chophouse
Sharky's Chophouse

Sharky’s Chophouse

While we were trying some samples at each store, Kristen told us a little bit about the stores and gave us some tips on some products she uses/buys for her own cooking. Here are some of my takeaways:

  • The Soup Meister‘s soups are very light and homey. It’s not super rich and you won’t feel thirsty after having their soups since they don’t add additives or preservatives and the soups are low in sodium.
Beef Barley (left) and Cream of Chicken with Mushroom

Beef Barley (left) and Cream of Chicken with Mushroom

  • El Dorado‘s pasty is very fluffy, especially the pie crusts and empanadas. Beef empanadas are good.
  • Cilantro & Jalapeno makes their product fresh on-site every morning. I talked to one of the staff, and learned that they hand-cut/chop all their ingredients (think tomatoes and avocado for guacamole, and tomatoes and lots of cilantro for salsa). We tried both the guacamole and salsa with some tortilla chips, and they taste very fresh, as if you are at a party and your host just make them and serve right away.
Nachos with Fresh Guacamole and Salsa

Nachos with Fresh Guacamole and Salsa

  • I have to admit, I’m not a salad person so my knowledge about salad stands are limited (more…)

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The Soup Meister

Often referred to as the best soup place in town, The Soup Meister is a local business that produces soups, stocks and sauces. Located at the Lonsdale Quay, it claims to use only freshest ingredients available in all its products with no preservatives.

The retail outlet sells only a few varieties of “soup of the day”, but most of their business appears to be in frozen goods. The layout of the business is diner-like, with the kitchen/prep area in plain-sight.

What went in

With only three varieties of hot soup available (looks like one was erased, probably sold out earlier) on “tap”, there’s not a whole lot to choose from. We ordered a Mexican Bean and a Seafood Chowder, both in small. Each bowl of soup came with a large bun, which is awesome because I got to make my own bread bowl (best invention ever since the wheel). (more…)

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