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Is it a holiday tradition at your home/party to pop open a bottle (or two, or more) of sparkly? To prepare for the holiday season, we had the opportunity to sample the Summerhill Pyramid Winery’s Cipes Rose. I remember trying the Summerhill Brut at the FBC 2014 conference back in October and I quite enjoyed it, so I was quite excited about the Rose. But should it be added to your list of party wines? Let’s find out.

Summerhill Cipes Rose

According to the Summerhill website, the Cipes Rose is made with 100% organic grapes. The first 75% of juice was pressed after a 48 hour cold-soak on the skins. It has quite a pretty red hue, which would be fitting for Christmas.

As soon as we pop-opened the Rose, we were immediately hit by a sweet aroma. The amount of carbonation was just right, and there was a prominent strawberry note. It was light and refreshing, and easy drinking. Felt like a summer wine, but the bubbly would also make a great party wine. The Brut was drier, more crisp, and I prefer the Rose over the Brut.

Summerhill Cipes Rose

The Cipes Rose would be great to pair with lighter protein such as fish, pork, chicken and turkey. We paired it with a tomato fish stew and the wine went quite well with the lightly spiced dish. In addition, we also prepared some Quinoa Crusted Falafel Mignon, a recipe provided by Summerhill. I thought I’d share with you here as well. (more…)

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The second event of the Vancouver International Wine Festival that we went to was the Mediterranean Mingle. Keeping up with the French theme, the focus was on wines from South of France.

Mediterranean MinglePouring wine

Pouring WineLive Music

It’s a grazing lunch. There were a number of Mediterranean-inspired dishes being put out, with suggested wine pairings. They suggested some classic pairings, but also “out of the box” pairings. Here are some of the dishes:

  • Fresh Asparagus Salad with Tarragon Mimosa Foam
  • Grilled Zucchini, Roasted Pepper, Chevre and Pine Nuts
  • Tourte a la Brandade
  • Mediterranean Mussel Brasucade au Noilly Prat

Asparagus with Tarragon Mimosa Foam, Grilled Vegetables, Tapenade Croque-MonsieurTourte a la Brandade and Mediterranean Mussel Brasucade

  • Aigo-Boulido “Sip” Poached Quail Egg
  • Roasted Cod on Fennel
  • Beef Boules de Picolat, Picholine Olives and Cepes
  • Saucisse de Toulouse White Bean Stew

Aigo-Boulido "Sip" Poached Quail Egg & Roasted Cod on FennelBeef Boules de Picolat and Saucisse de Toulouse

  • Walnut Orange Cake, Yogurt Wildflower Honey “Pot de Creme”

Walnut Orange Cake

Because there were so many food and wine pairing combinations to try, I had to strategically pick out a few that I thought would work best. (more…)

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