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Would you agree that condiment sometimes is just as important as the dish itself? In fact, sometimes the condiment makes or breaks a dish. One day, Mama Lam whipped up this dipping sauce for some roasted pork jowl. It was so good, and I knew I had to share the recipe. It’s acidic, savoury, with a bit of heat. It’s surprisingly refreshing, and reminds me of Thai or Vietnamese flavours. All it takes is 8 simple ingredients that you likely have at home all the time.


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Imagine you arrived at a restaurant where the exterior was all wrapped up so you couldn’t see the inside, and all you could see was the LED marquee sign by the door. Then, as you were led into the restaurant the interior décor made you feel like you entered a night club, and you started thinking to yourself, what the heck did I get myself into?!

0755 Restaurant & Lounge0755 Restaurant & Lounge

That’s kind of how I felt when I went to 0755 Restaurant and Lounge in Richmond. As part of the Chopstick Fest preview, a few of us were invited to sample the menu of this restaurant. Frankly I didn’t know what to expect even by the time we were seated inside.


According to the menu, 0755 is an area code in Shenzhen. It symbolizes that the restaurant menu is inspired by the food culture of this city in Southern China.


And we were all pleasantly surprised. We tried a number of savoury items and there were many high points. Some of my favourites were:

Sour Jellyfish Head – Jellyfish head is actually the edge of a piece of jellyfish, so it has a crunchier texture that regular jellyfish. Because it didn’t have much flavour on its own, it really took up the black vinegar and chili pepper in the marinade. It’s quite refreshing and the sourness helped whet your appetite.

Sour Jellyfish Head

Garlic Steamed Scallop – This is one of my favourite ways to prepare fresh scallops. It reminds me of my visit back to Hong Kong where we had a big seafood feast in Tuen Mun. The fresh scallops would be steamed on the half shell with a garlic sauce. If you are a garlic fan, you would really enjoy the prominent garlic flavour. It’s light, but luxurious at the same time.

Garlic Steamed Scallop

Braised Spot Prawns – I usually prefer lighter sauces for spot prawns so I could taste their natural sweetness, but this dish really surprised me.


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We were invited by Tableau Bistro to a private party to kick off its first annual “Heads or Tails” Spot Prawn Party. I am a huge fan of spot prawns – I love that it’s meaty yet sweet. At the beginning of the season, we had spot prawns three-way at home: sashimi, steamed and baked heads, and I truly enjoyed it. Therefore I was quite excited to be going to this party.

When I arrived, the dining room was already bustling. Looking around, I saw various stations set up for self-serve dishes, while a few others items were being passed around by the serving staff. That’s quite a creative way to get the guests moving around the space.

Guests mingle over wines, cocktails and tasty spot prawns

Guests mingle over wines, cocktails and tasty spot prawns

There were a total of nine spot prawn preparations, and luckily I got to try them all. They were:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of everything, my favourites were: (more…)

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Here is a round-up of upcoming tasty food events happening this month. We’ll continue to update this post as we hear about new events, or after an event has taken place.

If you would like your event featured in this post, feel free to send us the details at vanfoodies [at] gmail.com for consideration.

Last updated: May 25, 2012

April 23-June 28: Dine in Whistler

Similar to Dine Out Vancouver, participating restaurants of Dine in Whistler offers exceptional value through $19, $29, $39 or $49 menu. Enjoy a diverse range of dining experiences and menus – from soulful pub fare, to authentic ethnic cuisine, to unique and innovative fine dining – all while taking in spectacular natural setting of Whistler.

Some hotels also offer discounted room rates to those who are visiting Whistler for this event. More details can be found at www.whistler.com/dinein.

At participating restaurants
April 23-June 28

May 18-26: Vancouver Craft Beer Week

The third annual Vancouver Craft Beer Week has become a 11-day event, with 9 Headliner events, 6 Opening Acts, 36 Neighbourhood Gigs, and 12+ week-long specials dedicated to all things craft beer.

Ticket sales and event details can be found the VCBW website.

At various locations
May 18-26

May 18- June 2: Feast! Tofino

A 16-day-long series of culinary events to be held on the West Coast of Vancouver Island beginning on May 18, 2012 and culminating with the Tofino Food and Wine Festival, June 1-2, 2012. A collaboration between acclaimed local and regional guest chefs, restaurants, fishermen, foragers, farmers, accommodation, activity and tour providers, Feast! Tofino celebrates the abundance of available seafood and the sustainable “boat-to-table” practices commonly employed by the area’s restaurants and the Tofino-Ucluelet Culinary Guild.

There are a number of activities happening during that period, including “Dine About” prix fixe menus at $29, $39 and $49, Salmon Dock Festival (May 19) and Spot Prawn Dock Festival (May 26).

For more information, visit www.feastbc.com.

At participating restaurants and various event locations in Tofino
May 18-June 2 (more…)

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I received an invitation to a sit-down media dinner at C Restaurant, to sample its Dine Out menu. I said yes without a blink. C Restaurant and I go way back. In fact, it all started with a DOV dinner back in 2004, when the menu was – hold your breath – only $25. That was before my photo-taking/food-blogging time, but I remember it was a very enjoyable dinner, especially for the value of it. Then, I went back for another DOV dinner in 2008, and the price already went up to $35, nonetheless a wonderful meal. In 2011, I visited C again for one of its tasting menus, courtesy of deal coupon discounts; it was a different experience because the dishes were smaller in portion and I could tell that the culinary direction had changed since my 2008 visit (sorry, was in hiatus mode so there wasn’t a post on this). This media invite has piqued my interest in trying the now more upscale C Restaurant, at an affordable $38 DOV price.

C Restaurant by False Creek

C Restaurant by False Creek


Keep in mind that this is a media event so it may not necessarily reflect the true quality of food, but this should serve as a good indication of what you should expect from this restaurant. And I won’t be commenting on its service quality because it’s hard for me to judge when we were considered the “VIPs”.

I must start by saying that C’s DOV 2012 menu includes four courses. Actually, it’s amuse bouche + 4 courses, so by the sound of it, it’s already a better deal than other $38 restaurants. The only down side is that there’s no option for each course. Well, there is, but at extra cost. On the positive side, the menu is more focused since chefs and cooks are making same dishes, so they should have better control on quality assurance and consistency.

Shall we begin? The Amuse Bouche were presented beautifully on skewers. On the menu it lists smoked cannelloni as the only item, but I was watching other diners and they seemed to have received a variety of skewers like we did. It probably depends on the number of people at each table.

Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche

Here is the list of items we got:

  • Organic Ocean Spot Prawn
  • Golden Beet & cheese
  • Quail Egg
  • Wild Pacific Smoked Salmon
  • Albacore Tuna Tataki

Because there was not enough for everyone to try everything, I only tried three of the five items. They were simple, one-bite skewers that whet your appetite for the meal ahead.

The first course is Pickled Beet Panzanella Salad. Panzanella is a dressed salad of greens and stale bread. It’s basic, but in this case the beets and harissa dressing brought a lot of flavour to the dish. Beets were sweet, and a bit sour from the pickling, and the harissa dressing added a tiny kick and was probably the highlight of this dish for me.

Pickled Beet Panzanella Salad

Pickled Beet Panzanella Salad

Throughout the dinner we received bonus dishes, so we could have a better understanding of what the entire menu has to offer. At extra cost, $9 to be exact, you could substitute your salad with Sauteed Spot Prawns. (more…)

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