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It’s Halloween. It’s also Wednesday. With an invitation to its Halloween Bacardi Party, it gave us an opportunity to try Indochine Kitchen + Bar. Rumour says it’s owned by the son of Phnom Penh’s owner. And it so happens that Wednesday is half-price wing day — now there’s no excuse to not go and order some wings.


So we did. We started with the Garlic Butter Chicken Wings, which is the most popular flavour out of the 3 wing flavours. Although not advertised, from the chopped garlic and chili to the pepper lemon sauce, it’s hard to deny that it’s like a replica of Phnom Penh’s Deep Fried Chicken Wings (which, in case you forgot, didn’t really impress us).

Garlic Butter Chicken Wings

Garlic Butter Chicken Wings – Garlic chips and lemon pepper dipping sauce

Honestly, I liked these ones more than Phnom Penh’s. They were well seasoned, garlicy with a nice kick to it. They were piping hot as they arrived at the table, with crispy skin indicating that they were fresh out of the fryer. The size of wings is smaller than Phnom Penh but I didn’t mind. It was my favourite flavour of the evening as well.

Mr., on the other hand, preferred the Honey Garlic Wings. (more…)

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