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My parents were just in HK for a couple of weeks, who happened to have spent this year’s Moon Festival (aka Mid-Autumn Festival) there. I usually provide them with a shopping list, but this time around, I’ve got only one item: Starbucks Mooncakes.

Yes, you read it right. Starbucks does sell mooncakes but they’re not available here. That’s why I had to make sure my parents would bring me back some. Sure enough, I got a box to try.

Nicely packaged Starbucks Mooncakes

Nicely packaged Starbucks Mooncakes

Origin of Mooncake

Do you know where mooncake came from? The popular version is that it was created by revolutionaries in the Yuan Dynasty, who hid secret letters/messages inside the mooncakes, and distributed them to plan a revolt to overthrow the Mongolian rulers, leading to the fall of Yuan and the rise of Ming Dynasty. Who would have thought that this tasty treat was originated from a political move! Alright, that’s my tidbit of the day. Enough history, let’s move on to tasting.

Tasting the Starbucks Mooncakes


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