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During the month of January, Yew Restaurant + Bar ran its 3-course No Passport Required Menu for $35 per person, featuring ingredients/food culture from the 3 Canadian Olympic cities: Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. I was intrigued by the offering, so Mr. and I went there on a weekday evening.


Turns out there was a catch in the menu, that some dishes cost extra. On the other hand, there’s an option of ordering just 2 courses for $29. After putting on the amateur accountant hat, we decided to go ahead with those costly dishes despite paying extra for them, but only opt for one 3-course menu.

Our appetizers included Calgary and Vancouver. Calgary was the Bison Cannelloni. While the meat was flavourful, I wished there’s a more meaty sauce to go with the cannelloni. The carrot foam, which reminded me of the bacon foam I had at C Restaurant years ago, was too light and felt flat soon after a contact with the fork/knife. It didn’t do the job of enhancing the flavour of the pasta. Vancouver was Qualicum Bay Scallop Crudo and it added $5 to the bill. I enjoyed the combination of soft scallops and crunchy pickled radish and celery; a good contrast of texture. I also tried the scallop alone, but I have to say that it didn’t taste very fresh and I preferred having it with the vinaigrette.

As for entrees, we got Montreal and Calgary. Montreal was Duck Tourtiere, which according to our server, is a deconstructed version of a traditional French-Canadian dish – perfect representation of the Quebec province. The duck was crispy on the skin, and meat was tender on the inside; puff pastry was light and fluffy, not oily at all; and the mushrooms had that earthy flavour and the use of duck fat was an awesome move and just made the dish this much better. (more…)


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