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Last year a few fried chicken shops popped up, one of which was Win Win Chick-N in Steveston. It was quite hyped up and this Valentine’s Day it was even selling a fried chicken bouquet rivaling Juke. It’s a bit of a trek to go to Steveston just for fried chicken but when I won a gift card there, there’s no more excuse for me not to try them out.

Win Win Chick-N

Full disclosure: I won a gift card from an IG giveaway but I made my purchase like regular customers. And the food came from the regular display tray.


We ordered the 5pc Fried Chicken. Verdict? The fried chicken had really nice crispy skin, and the meat was juicy and flavourful. To me, the thigh was the best part. The seasoning was just right. The drumstick and wing, however, were a bit too salty because there’s little meat on them. We got one piece of chicken breast, and it was moist, which was important to me too.

Win Win Chick-N Fried Chicken

And the most surprising part of our meal? (more…)


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We were invited to try the afternoon tea menu at Adorabelle Tea Room in Steveston. It’s been opened since 2012 and frankly we didn’t know about it until we received the invitation. It’s one of the heritage sites in Steveston, where it used to be the townhall for residents to get together. In modern days it was once a lawyer’s office, but it’s now in the hands of Adorabelle owner, Cathy, who has turned it into a cute, elegant tea room.

Adorabelle Tea HouseInside Adorabelle


Like any other afternoon tea rooms, each person receives a pot of tea. You get to choose from a unique selection of teas, and you will also be given the opportunity to smell them out of the tin before confirming your selection.

Tea selection

Then, a pot of hot tea is delivered to your table, with a cozy to keep it warm. I thought that’s a nice touch, and I haven’t seen it done anywhere else.

Rose napkinIndividul tea pot with cozy

The afternoon menu comes with the following items, and the menu may change depending on seasonality. Ours was holiday-themed.

Savoury: Bacon chive cupcake with savoury cream cheese icing, Asiago fennel biscuit, Egg salad pinwheel, Chicken Waldorf, Open-face cucumber, Smoked salmon dill cream.

The finger sandwiches were standard flavours, but I thought they did them beautifully (e.g. the open-face idea for the otherwise boring cucumber sandwich). (more…)

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On a sunny day in spring, we visited Hog Shack — a BBQ joint in Steveston. There was no way we could’ve prepared ourselves on what was to come: more food than two human beings should ever eat in one sitting.

Hog Shack

The inside of Hog Shack was just as you’d expect for a place like this: red and white checkered table cloth, wood paneled walls, and a lingering smell of charred meat and grease. I liked where this was going.

See we had purchased a $39 deal that included the $50 Johnny’s Jurassic Platter, and 2 beers. The platter started us off with a salad each, and followed up with a huge plate piled with various meats, and dessert.

What went in

I ordered an Acai Berry Wheat Beer. I don’t typically order fruity beers, but this was a nice surprise. The light citrus taste and slight wheat taste bounced and mixed in my month, making it a great easy drinking summer brew.

Acai Berry Wheat

The quantity of meat in this package exceeded awesome and border-lined on insane. (more…)

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Private Chinese dining. It’s different from underground restaurants because businesses run publicly and address and restaurant details are published. The uniqueness of this type of kitchen is that you have to make reservation as they don’t take walk-in, and at a typical private Chinese restaurant you just eat whatever that is served to you – you wouldn’t see the menu ahead of time. The other day I went to Zen Chinese Cuisine, a private dining concept located in Steveston.

Zen Fine Chinese Cuisine

Zen Fine Chinese Cuisine

At Zen you actually have to order the dishes when you book your table. We pre-ordered the “Dine Out Special”, one of their Crazy Sale prix fixe menus. It’s a 6-course menu regularly at $60 per person but it’s now on sale for $22.35 – that’s even cheaper than the Groupon deal that the restaurant offered a couple of months ago. Everyone at the table has to order the same menu, except for a la carte dishes.


The Soup of the Day was rather ordinary. It’s a bok choy soup with pork, something my mom can easily do. The Baked Stuffed Abalone was the more impressive dish. The abalone was diced and mixed with mushrooms, carrots and other stuff in a curry sauce, then everything was stuffed back to the abalone shell and baked. I only wished the ingredients were diced in bigger chunks; I didn’t get the “bite” I was looking for.

Baked Stuffed Abalone

Baked Stuffed Abalone

Next, the Lobster with Spaghetti was so-so. (more…)

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