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Being Chinese, make stir-fry is in our blood. Stir-fry dishes are always on our dinner table. For our family, we’re not traditionalists, so we often incorporate ingredients and flavours from other cuisines.

This time, we had a pack of Johnsonville Italiano Sausage Meat. It’s most expected to be a pizza topping, or being made into meatballs. Because we also got some fresh snow peas out of my mother-in-law’s garden, we decided to make a stir-fry.

Johnsonville Sausage Snow Peas Stirfry

The sausage meat is basically ground pork seasoned with Italian style herbs and spices. It’s like a hack for not having to season your meat. It also means that you have to watch how much additional seasoning you’re putting in this dish – it could get salty.




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What happens when you have 5 Chinese people having dinner at a Taiwanese restaurant? You order weird food!! Flipping through the menu at Maji and we basically picked out some of the weirdest items there.


OK, so it’s “weird” in terms of Canadian standard but the ingredients were no stranger to the 5 of us. Did you know you can order just chicken skin as a dish? The Crispy Chicken Skin was basically Chicharrón with chicken. It’s like eating chicken-flavoured chips. It was crispy, crunchy, seasoned with some garlic, salt and pepper, and a little bit of heat from the sliced chili peppers. It reminded me of the Taiwanese popcorn chicken, except it’s all skin. And because it was really just the skin, there was no fatty bits and it wasn’t too greasy either. Perfect to go with beer!

Crispy Chicken Skin

The Five Flavour Squid was very refreshing. The squid pieces were beautifully scored so they curled up to a nice presentation. They were blenched just right, not chewy, and with a hint of sweetness in the meat. Then they were mixed with a “five flavour” sauce, which had the savoury, umami flavours. The cucumber slices were lightly pickled, so it’s a perfect starter to whet your appetite. It looked simple but a really tasty dish.

Five Flavour Squid

Having had Fried Pork Intestines for quite some time, and I forgot how good they could taste! (more…)

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Honestly I was rather hesitant when I first received the invitation to check out Wok Box. Asian stirfry fast food usually isn’t all that authentic, but the idea of having so many options at one location definitely intrigued me. They serve stirfry noodles, rice boxes, appies (think samosas and spring rolls), naan-wich (Indian wraps), and soups.

So one day after work Mr. and I went to its South Surrey store. It’s pretty well decorated, has a modern look with TV showing the sports channel. It has an open kitchen so you can see the wok and watch as they make your food to order.

Wok Box Order Line

Wok Box Order Line


After spending 10 minutes studying the menu, I chose the Hong Kong Curry, which is on the summer special menu. Original from HK, I can tell you that such dish doesn’t exist there, but the curry flavour does. It uses the thick noodle like the Shanghai-style stirfry noodle. The sauce was spicy, with lots of veggies (and some were HUGE – look at that piece of red pepper sitting on top of my box below – they need better control on prepping the ingredients) and several decent sized shrimps. The sauce was in the proper consistency, and not runny, which was good.

Hong Kong Curry

Hong Kong Curry

Mr. ordered the Chicken Pad Thai, and he was rather disappointed by it. (more…)

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