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Mr. and I had a few days off in April, so we decided to head down to Seattle for a quick getaway. It’s been a couple of years now since we last headed south of the border thanks to the weak Canadian Dollar.

Instead of hanging out in the downtown area, we chose to stay in the Ballard district, which is known for its ever growing share of breweries. Where we stayed was within walking distance to a cluster of craft breweries, so we did a self-guided brewery tour.

And that means we just hit the street and started walking towards the first stop from our temporary home. When I was looking up the breweries, Lucky Envelope caught my eyes because its logo is the red envelope 利是 we hand out during Chinese New Year and to no surprise, looks like it’s Asian owned. LE it is.

Stop #1 – Lucky Envelope

Seattle Ballard Brewery Stop 1 - Lucky Envelope

Lucky Envelope Brewing

Lucky for us, it was the release day of their sours. And we are big sour fans!! There were 6 on the menu, so we opted for the lighter ones (it’s only our first stop!) plus a couple of other brews:

  • Raspberry Sour
  • Mango Sour
  • Lychee Sour
  • Blackberry Shake Sour
  • Beardless Brewer Red Ale
  • Error 404: El Dorado Haze IPA

Lucky Envelope Brewing

Mr.‘s favourite was the Lychee Sour. (more…)


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A couple of weeks ago, Twin Sails Brewing in Port Moody celebrated its 2nd anniversary. To celebrate, they released a total of 8 beers on Friday, November 10, at their anniversary party.

Bryan can attest to the fact that I’m not the biggest advocate for TS because I’m not a big IPA drinker, and TS has made their name with all the interesting IPAs (among other beers) that they’ve produced over the last couple of years. That being said, I was really curious about one of the new releases, so to the contrary of my usual behaviour, I decided to join the crowd, meet up with Bryan (the huge TS fan) and check out the anniversary party. In fact, I even convinced a few of my colleagues to tag along.

And then, a 40-minute line-up later, I got to try all 7 of the 8 new releases that were available at the anniversary party. By this point, my colleagues had given up on me, and went to Yellow Dog next door instead.

Twin Sails 2nd Anniversary Beers

The 6 beers here were: (more…)

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And the draw is: Parallel 49 Curiosity Dessert Stout

Today we have a tiramisu flavoured dessert stout! Ooooooh now doesn’t that sound delicious!

Seasons Greetings Day 11 - Parallel 49 Curiosity Dessert Stout

Seasons Greetings Day 11 – Parallel 49 Curiosity Dessert Stout

Pours jet black with a small dark tan head. Aroma of chocolate and cocoa. (more…)

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Good Morning! It’s time to break our December fast with a bottle of beer, and Parallel 49 is here to help with that, providing us with…the Top O’ The Mornin’ Breakfast Stout.

Top O’ The Mornin’ pours black, with a minimal head that dissipates almost immediately. (more…)

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Winter is one of the best times of the year for seasonal beers with local craft brewers pushing out all kinds of tasty brews to take advantage of the Christmas shopping spree. Now, I know Christmas is already a distant memory for most of you, but I’ve been away on holidays so it’s still fresh in my mind, as are these beers. So, without further ado, onwards:

Parallel 49

I once saw Parallel 49 tweet “We try our best to innovate, not imitate”, and if you take a look through their portfolio of beers, you can see they take that philosophy seriously. This can result in awesome beers like From East Van With Love or Snap, Crackle, Hop, but it can also result in forgettable disasters like Lil Red.  Whatever the case may be, P49 is always a great place to try something new and different.

Sahti Claws – A Finnish Sahti, this is a style brewed with Juniper berries that I hadn’t even heard of, let alone tasted, so I went into this one with absolutely no idea what to expect. It came out surprisingly standard, but not in a bad way. Pine, juniper, a little hops and malts. Nicely balanced. Pretty decent. (more…)

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