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A girl’s day out includes a relaxing spa treatment and dinner at La Brasserie on Davie. The catch with La Brasserie is that it doesn’t take reservations, so you have to get there early to secure a table. Luckily, our spa appointment ended at 5:30pm and we were basically right across from the street. We got a table without any hassle.


This is a Franco-German restaurant, so we ordered one each of French and German dish. It’s Saturday night, and the Plats Du Jour (Dish of the Day) was Lobster Thermidor, which was what I ordered. Meat of a whole lobster was taken out and cooked in a cream sauce with chanterelle mushrooms, then re-stuffed back to the shell and topped with a green salad. The sauce was creamy and lobster was not fishy, and I liked the crunchiness of the green salad. While this dish was decent, I found it out of place being among others on the menu. This is a much more refined dish compared to burgers, mussels & frites, rotisserie chicken, etc.

Suckling Pig

Suckling Pig

For the German dish, my friend picked the Suckling Pig, one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. (more…)


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