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I was invited by ChineseBites to try Tea Wok in downtown. It’s located just steps away from the BCIT downtown campus. It has a big menu, serving many Taiwanese favourites. On Zomato, the rating isn’t very impressive, so I was curious to give it a try.


We tried a number of things and here were some highlights for me:

The Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets is a staple item at all Taiwanese restaurants, so it would be disappointing if it’s not cooked properly. And Tea Wok didn’t disappoint. The batter was thin, and it’s fried to great crispiness. The chicken nuggets were also flavoured nicely. There’s a hint of Thai basil in the chicken.

Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets

I’m a pretty adventurous eater, and pig ear is one of my favourite snack dishes. The Marinated Spicy Pig Ear was pretty good. The pig ear was sliced thinly, with a crunchy texture. It’s garlicky, and spicy.

Marinated Spicy Pig Ear

The Taiwanese Sausage with Fried Rice seems simple, but it’s executed well. (more…)


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During our search for the best Chinese restaurants in town, we made a stop at Uncle Lu in Richmond. It’s the sister restaurant to Corner 23 on Cambie Street.


Suggested by its Chinese name 萬巒豬腳, the restaurant’s signature dish is its pork hock. My mom is really good at making pork hock dishes so I had high expectations. This Pork Hock was legit! The skin was gelatinous, a little bit fatty, while still giving you a bit of a bite. The meat was tender, well-seasoned and flavourful. They could have done a better job plugging the hair out of the skin, though, as pieces of hair were still visible. The dipping sauce added some garlicky flavour, but it was cold. If the sauce was warm, it would help maintain the temperature of the meat, which would make it even more enjoyable.

Pork Hock

Their Three Cup Chicken is a dry interpretation of this Taiwanese classic. The portions size was quite big here. (more…)

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With an invitation from my old-time blogger friend Sherman, we tried Mosaic’s latest Taiwanese Tasting Menu. Inspired by his recent visit to Taiwan, executive chef Thomas Heinrich put out this 4-course menu with a wine pairing option. Based on my experience last year, I was quite looking forward to another fantastic dinner.


The dinner started with the Fish Ball with Scallion & Pork Dust. The house-made fish balls were made with ling cod, scallop and ground pork. Because the texture of ling cod and scallop is on the soft side, and I’m used to the bouncy, ping-pong like fish balls from HK, I found these a bit mushy. But the use of a little bit ground pork added some chew to it. The broth was quite aromatic and you could definitely taste the ginger and scallion; it had a homey taste to it. When mixing in the porcini paste on the side of the bowl (although not necessarily the most appetizing looking) there was some additional earthy note to the broth. Unfortunately our server poured a bit too much broth so I couldn’t finish it all.

Fish Ball with Scallion & Pork Dust

Fish Ball with Scallion & Pork Dust (Photo Credit: Sherman Chan)

Our second course was the Hakka Tea Crusted Ling Cod, and it was my favourite plate of the evening. (more…)

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