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Last week Mr. and I had the opportunity to attend a fundraising event called Take a Bite. Hosted by the Tuesday Night Food and Run Club, it’s a foodie event to raise awareness for the Take a Hike – Youth at Risk Foundation. Two local chefs, Trevor Bird from MARKET at Shangri-La and Leah Gamache from Chambar Restaurant, put together the evening’s menu and volunteer theirs and their helpers’ time for this event. Chef Leah unfortunately couldn’t come to the event herself, but she had prepared a couple of yummy desserts which I’ll touch on in a bit.

Take a Hike Youth at Risk Foundation

Event Benefiting the Take a Hike Youth at Risk Foundation

As soon as we arrived we were immediately greeted with rounds and rounds of bite-size items. With an empty stomach, I just started eating and completely forgot about pictures. By the time I remembered about the camera, it’s halfway through the event and some of the events were not being served already. What you won’t get to see in pictures are 1) Dried dates with goat cheese and walnut, 2) Pulled pork mini sliders, and 3) Deep fried chick peas mini sliders.

Chefs putting out mini sliders

Chefs putting out mini sliders

It’s quite alright, because my favourite ones were still available and they were 1) Mushroom tarts, whose pastry outside was crispy and light.

Mushroom tarts

Mushroom tarts

2) Butternut squash soup with crispy ginger slices – (more…)


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