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Since our first visit to Edible Canada on Granville Island close to three years ago, it has been added to our list of staple because it has seasonal offerings and quality is consistently good. So for this year’s Dine Out, we decided to go back once again because it had an interesting “Canadian” menu. And we made it a double date with Bryan and Kathryn.


In addition to the regular $30 DOV 3-course menu, you have the option to pay extra to upgrade your dishes. For example, Kathryn and I opted for the Surf and Turf Tartare Trio for an extra $10. It included three types of tartare (from left of photo): Venison, Elk and Arctic Char. I was quite happy with this option. Each tartare had its own flavours – venison was rich, gamey and it was mixed with some blueberries; elk had the resemblance of beef and the tartare reminded of traditional beef tartare with cornichon; arctic char was creamy and was similar to salmon tartare. The tartare trio came with the Amola salt truffle chips. They were crispy, nicely seasoned, with lots of truffle aroma.

Surf and Turf Tartar Trio

Mr. and Bryan went for a regular appetizer, the Braised Alberta Oxtail. It was rich, moist and tender. The kubocha squash risotto was slightly overcooked, a bit mushy, and the risotto to meat ratio was a bit off. There was too little oxtail meat, or too much risotto on the plate.

Braised Alberta Oxtail

Continuing with the meat, Mr. and Kathryn chose the Bison Bourguignon for entree. Now this had a lot of meat!



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We were invited by Tableau Bistro to a private party to kick off its first annual “Heads or Tails” Spot Prawn Party. I am a huge fan of spot prawns – I love that it’s meaty yet sweet. At the beginning of the season, we had spot prawns three-way at home: sashimi, steamed and baked heads, and I truly enjoyed it. Therefore I was quite excited to be going to this party.

When I arrived, the dining room was already bustling. Looking around, I saw various stations set up for self-serve dishes, while a few others items were being passed around by the serving staff. That’s quite a creative way to get the guests moving around the space.

Guests mingle over wines, cocktails and tasty spot prawns

Guests mingle over wines, cocktails and tasty spot prawns

There were a total of nine spot prawn preparations, and luckily I got to try them all. They were:

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Of everything, my favourites were: (more…)

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