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Prince George is probably not a city that is on top of my bucket list to visit, or on it at all. For a business trip, I had the opportunity to stay a couple of nights in this city in the north. To be honest, I didn’t have much expectation when it comes to food in Prince George. I didn’t have much time to venture out anyway so I just ate at the hotel I stayed in.

At the Coast Inn, there are actually 3 restaurants. At the end, I chose the Coffee Garden because its manager’s special caught my eyes. It was a three-course surf & turf dinner. Yes, I had a surf & turf dinner in Prince George!


It started with a simple Green Salad. What was unique about this was in the dressing. It was an Asian-inspired dressing produced by the Japanese restaurant at the hotel – it’s called the Shogun Dressing. It is basically a soy and ginger vinaigrette. It tasted pretty good, a bit salty for salad dressing, but it is different from most other vinaigrette you get at other restaurants.

Salad with Shogun Dressing

Salad with Shogun Dressing

Then, the main course. It’s a 4oz New York Steak with Crab Legs. Even though it’s not a fancy cut of meat, the steak was cooked perfectly at medium. It had some nice grill marks; (more…)

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