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A night out with MP took us to Gastown for a pre-concert dinner. After much research, we decided on Tuc, a relatively new restaurant in the area.


Somehow we couldn’t make up our mind on what to order — that’s usually a good sign. We ended up ordering a whole bunch of dishes to share. First, the closet bacon lover in me had my eyes set on the Pork Belly Crackling even before we set foot in the restaurant. The bite size pork belly was perfectly fried to crispy on outside, yet the fatty part still melts in your mouth. The sweet yet sour star anise red wine reduction cut through the richness in the pork belly, while giving you an Asian touch to the dish. Although you practically can’t stop popping these in your mouth, there’s a generous amount of pork belly pieces, and I highly recommend that you share this with someone. Share the love.

Pork Belly Crackling

Pork Belly Crackling: star anise red wine reduction, coarse salt

The Orange Glazed Lamb Ribs was probably our favourite of the evening. The sweet orange glaze had a nice hint of spiciness thanks to the addition of jalapeno pepper. The lamb ribs were juicy and tender, and worked very well with the glaze. Don’t worry about double-dipping, because you would want to keep going back to the sauce. I can probably eat a plate of this on my own.

Orange Glazed Lamb Ribs

Orange Glazed Lamb Ribs: jalapeno pepper, candied orange glaze

Mussels & Clams were not bad. (more…)


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