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Last weekend I went to the 30th Annual Wellness Show in Vancouver. My intention was to discover interesting, tasty food products that are also good for our bodies. And I wasn’t disappointed. In no particular order, here are 7 food products that I sampled and enjoyed, and would recommend you all to give it a try. They should be available at local health- and wellness-forward grocery stores such as Nesters Market, Whole Foods and City Avenue Market, or online on their own websites.


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This past weekend, we were invited to go to the Brunch Crawls as part of the Dine Out Vancouver festivities. Put on by Richard the Vancouver Foodster. The first of the brunch crawl series was in Gastown.

Gastown Brunch Crawl

In 4 hours, Mr. and I checked out 7 different spots in Gastown:

  • Prado Cafe
  • Zero Zero Pizzeria
  • The Capilano
  • The Birds & The Beets / Grain
  • Rodney’s Oyster House
  • Bao Down
  • Smallflower Cafe & Bakeshop

The crawl started with a cup of hand-crafted coffee at Prado Cafe. There were a few choices and we ordered an Americano and Flat White.

Prado Cafe

Almost right next door was Zero Zero Pizzeria. The portion was quite generous here. We had two options, including the pizzetta flatbread, but also a new topping combination that wasn’t even available on the regular menu yet!

Zero Zero Pizzeria

A couple of streets over we got to the new Capilano Tea House. They will officially open their door on February 1, so we basically got a sneak preview.


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Another trip to the States brought me back to Portland. Watching how much Vancouver’s food truck scene has grown in the last year, I wanted to check out the food trucks in Portland again to see how we differ from them. We went to the food truck pod at SW 9th Avenue and SW Alder Street as it has the largest collection of food trucks. As we were walking towards the area, we saw many people holding a bowl of something; our search led us to discover the Whole Bowl.

The Whole Bowl food truck in Portland

The Whole Bowl food truck in Portland


The concept of the Whole Bowl is simple. They only sell one item – a bowl of healthy concoction of brown rice, red and black beans, fresh avocado, salsa, black olives, sour cream, Tillamook cheddar, cilantro and Tali Sauce. Tali sauce is the Whole Bowl’s secret sauce. According to them, it’s a vegan, lemony-garlicky sauce. This is just brilliant! They can do all the prep work ahead of time, and on-site all they have to do is to assemble everything into a bowl. (more…)

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