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As you all can figure from my posts, I love meat. Even my coworkers are fully aware of it (and sometimes make fun of me for that). So when our beloved, vegetarian friends JG and BD visited Vancouver from Toronto, it pained me a little that DV and DH chose a vegetarian restaurant — The Acorn — for our brunch together, instead of a regular restaurant with good vegetarian options. But hey, how else would I get to try The Acorn?! I’m game!


The brunch menu at The Acorn isn’t big, but there are some interesting items that even a carnivore like me was intrigued. For beverage, I ordered a non-alcoholic Citrus + Spiced Iced Tea. It has grapefruit, Vermouth reduction sherbet, and mandarin spiced tea. It’s refreshing, herbaceous yet borderline medicinal. It’s quite light in the spiced flavours, but it would make a good summer drink.

Citrus + Spice Iced Tea

As for my main, I opted for the Fried Egg. What caught my eye? The fried poached egg. Yes, a poached egg battered with cornmeal then fried. You would think that the egg would be over-cooked. Impressively, my egg was cooked perfectly — I cut it open and the yolk just oozed out. The smoked chanterelles were in the place of meat; they were earthy, hearty, and they tasted so good. I wished there were more! Overall the plate was well composed. The soft polenta and parsnip puree were creamy, and the fried poached egg and roasted parsnip added some texture. Everything tasted very good, but it wasn’t very filling for me.

Fried Egg

Mr., DV and BD all ordered the Skillet, and this was a hearty dish! (more…)


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I’ll have to be perfectly honest, despite being a long-time Surrey resident, I have had very little experience with South Asian food.

Unlike some folks out there, I can appreciate good food from a wide range of backgrounds, and this proved to be no different.


It wasn’t long ago that I thought double dating was lame and meant for old people…but here I am in my mid 20’s on a double date. On the plus side, because there were four of us, we were led to the “VIP area” in the back of the restaurant. They had a heavy-looking low-rise table, comfy sofas with lots of pillows, and plants surrounding the area. I felt pampered.

I really appreciate restaurants that make dining a special experience. Sure good food is the most important thing, but when you show your customers that you want them to have a good time and an unique experience, they will thank you for it. (Joyce: This was a complimentary dinner so that could be why we were seated in that area. However, I’m sure you can request for it when you dine there.)


What went in

The menu is very extensive, but well explained. Each item has a description below, very helpful for newbies like myself.

We start with the Wings From Hell. I’m not sure how traditional that is, but the hot sauce was very tasty (it’s more than just sauce, you can taste chunks of the aromatics in the sauce). The chicken was well fried so it still had a little crisp to it. We were given a choice of 1 to 5 from mild to hot. We picked 4 and frankly were a little disappointed. We had hoped for hotter; this was Indian food after all!

Wings from Hell

Then we proceeded with what was likely too much food for four people. We had a few orders of Tandoori Naan, Roti, Garlic Naan, and some rice. On top of that we ordered a Lamb Pasnda, Butter Chicken, Prawn Goan Curry, and Baigan Bhartha.

There’s nothing quite like fresh Naan; the garlic one won our hearts. The Roti tastes considerable healthier, and it is, made with whole wheat flour and water.

I think all curries should be served like this, bubbling slightly on a heated dish. (more…)

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