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Late August, my friend and I ventured to the East Coast of the US to New York City. Hot, humid, polluted air smacked my face as soon as we neared Manhattan. For 10 days, we travelled from place to place by foot or subway, shopping and eating wherever and whenever. Unfortunately, we were rudely interrupted by an earthquake and then a hurricane, keeping us confined in the apartment for 2 days.

While we were walking along Prince Street going towards Soho, we stopped at the Vesuvio Bakery. The bakery has an old rustic look to it, very old school. Of course, whenever you see places like these, you would assume that hipsters would be running the joint. It’s true, and they were very nice.

Vesuvio Bakery, one of the best cookies I've ever had

The inside of the bakery smelled like oats and sugar, what I would imagine a house in the 1950’s would smell like if you had an amazing cook for a mom in the prairies, hahah. The bakery encourages a more green approach, one way being that there’s a discount if you ride your bike to the store. Neat, eh?

Their delicious cookies, we ended up getting an oatmeal cookie, mmmm.

Our first day in Soho was incredible, so much shopping to be done. By the time we stopped for food, we were extremely tired and just wanted to get something in our stomachs before heading back. We stepped into Bari, as it looked somewhat promising from what we saw on the exterior.

I was so wrong to judge from the outside. (more…)

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