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For Mother’s Day, I took Mama Lam to Got Craft to get some inspirations for her hobby craft work. Of course, there were a number of local food producers exhibiting as well. In particular, the La Chocolaterie booth caught my eyes with its colourful collection of chocolates. I picked up a few cups to take home for a tasting. Each cup has roughly 9 pieces and costs $5 each. At the craft fair 3 cups were sold for $14.50.

La Chocolaterie Coconama Chocolates


What was particularly interesting was the Coconama Salad. It is white chocolate mixed with real vegetable and fruit, including kale, basil, tomato, beets and yam. Basically, your salad substitute right there. To my surprise, they did taste like the vegetables – in fact, I was chewing pieces of kale! (more…)


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We were invited to an event at CocoaNymph, which was a benefit for the Sarah McLachlan School of Music.

As we approached Cocoa Nymph, you could clearly tell that’s where everyone was – all the windows were steamed up, flurries of body movement. Unfortunately, we came a little later and missed some of the beginning performances, but the ones we did manage to hear was beautiful.


I got a chance to meet and chat with the chocolatier’s partner who also happened to be the bartender for the event. He graciously allowed us to go behind the counters to get some snapshots of their chocolate samples.


I think my favourite of the three we got to try was this one, they call it the Liz. Yes, I’m one of those people who like white chocolate and get made fun of. (more…)

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