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It has been a few years since we last went to Eat! Vancouver. This year, looking at the interesting lineup of events, we returned as a media and checked out the event at the beautiful BC Place Stadium.

Eat! Vancouver 2014

Eye Catchers

There was a good amount of samples to try, and if you like anything, you had the opportunity to buy them at a slightly discounted price. The following especially caught our attention:

Pulo Cuisine – These are some great marinate. And they’re vegan. I especially like the Lemongrass marinate.

Pulo Cuisine

Pure Infused Maple Syrup – They have some really interesting flavour combinations and they were all very good. I especially liked Chipotle Lemongrass (yes, savoury maple syrup) and Maple Syrup, Ginger & Apple Cider Vinegar.

Pure Infused Maple Syrup

Three Farmers Camelina Oil – Camelina oil is cold­pressed and it has a nutty, earthy note to it. It also has a high smoke point at 475F so it’s great for cooking and making salad.

Three Farmers Camelina Oil

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale – The ginger flavour really comes through – and it tastes like real ginger. Original flavour was good, so was the Pomegranate one.

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale

Habibi’s Hummus and other products – The various flavours of hummus were very good. (more…)


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To be honest, after our experience at Menchie’s, I was hesitant to take Mr. to another frozen yogurt bar. But then, I really can’t resist the temptation of facing so many frozen yogurt flavours and toppings, and building a frozen yogurt to my liking. With a deal voucher, I took Mr. to the Qoola at Metrotown.

Qoola Metrotown


Each Qoola location seems to have different product offerings. At the Metrotown store, you can get frozen yogurt, smoothie or their “wannawafel” (aka Belgian waffle). We just went for the frozen yogurt. There were a total of 10 flavours to choose from; unlike Menchie’s, they didn’t have a system in place for you to sample the flavours. We chose to get a little bit of Pure Organic, Lemon Organic, Pumpkin, Strawberry and Chocolate, and not knowing how they taste, we’re basically in for a surprise.

10 Flavours to Choose From

It seems like they have fewer topping options than what we saw at Menchie’s. (more…)

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Menchie’s is not a new addition to the frozen yogurt scene. It’s been in Vancouver for more than 1.5 years now but it’s only recently that I visited one of its locations for the first time. I can’t believe the cute little Menchie’s icon didn’t get me to its door sooner!

Mr. and I went to the flagship location on Cambie near the Canada Line station. It was a hot Saturday afternoon, so it was no surprise that the store was packed.


The idea of Menchie’s is similar to Qoola. First you select your own flavour(s) of yogurt at the yogurt bar. Because they charge you by weight, you can choose just one flavour or a bit of everything. They actually place little paper cups for you to sample the 12 yogurt flavours before committing to any flavours.  To be honest, it was tempting to just try as much yogurt as we can then sneak out of the place (and I bet some people do do that). But nah, we want the full experience!

Yogurt Bar

Yogurt Bar

After trying almost all flavours, we selected two flavours each (more…)

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