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Dine Out Vancouver is coming back for another 2 weeks of deliciousness. In addition to the traditional 3-course lunch or dinner menu, you can also participate in a number of foodie events between Jan 17 and Feb 2.

You can view the menus and other DOV events here: Dine Out Vancouver website

And here is a list of our recent reviews of some of the participating restaurants. They are not necessarily Dine Out experience, but hopefully they will give you some ideas on what to expect from each restaurant.


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Last weekend, New Westminster hosted its own street cart fest, called Columbia StrEAT. The stretch of Columbia Street between 4th and 6th were closed off to pedestrians only, where food trucks were parked and tables were set up for some feasting. 16 food trucks in Vancouver came to the event, along with live entertainment from New West’s own 2 Days & Counting.

Turns out the event attracted 20,000 people, twice as much as expected. I wasn’t surprised to hear the number; if you saw the crowd at the event, you would guess the same as well.

Crowd at Columbia StrEAT

Crowd at Columbia StrEAT

And the huge turnout also meant long and lengthy line-ups. With the group of 10 of us, our line-up at each truck ranged from 1 hour to 2 hours. Seriously, we weren’t sure what motivated us to stay in lines, but it’s probably the “you’re almost there” mindset that tricked us to stand for such a long time.

And for some (luckily, not our group), they waited and waited only to find out that the food truck has sold out of their desired dishes, or the complete menu. I was mind-blown when I found out that some trucks were sold out at 7pm — the event was supposed to run till 9pm!

We managed to try food from 3 of the participating trucks: Roaming Dragon, Casalinga and La Taqueria.

Roaming Dragon

They are one of the first few food trucks entering the Vancouver market a couple of years ago. (more…)

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Returning for its 12th year, Dine Out Vancouver 2013 will run from Jan 18 to Feb 3. During this two-week period, participating restaurants will offer prix fixe menus at $18, $28 or $38. The menus are now open for public to view, and restaurants have begun taking reservations.

This year, Tourism Vancouver has created a new website www.dineoutvancouver.com to provide a one-stop shop for all DOV-related activities. In addition to restaurant menus, there is also a schedule of events taking place concurrently, offering you multiple dimensions of culinary experience. Tickets are sold separately for these events. Be sure to check out Street Food City where food carts are gathered together to throw you a big food cart party!

Crowd @ Street Food City 2012

Crowd @ Street Food City 2012

We have done some DOV coverage in the past, so I suggest you to check out our collection of DOV tastings (unfortunately, some restaurants have closed since DOV 2012 or are not participating this year). In addition, use the Search function to look up other restaurant reviews that we’ve done outside of Dine Out Vancouver.

Angus Tenderloin at Black + Blue, DOV 2012

Angus Tenderloin at Black + Blue, DOV 2012

Based on our past experience, please keep in mind that what you experience during Dine Out Vancouver isn’t necessarily the true reflection of the food & service quality of the restaurant. Why that is the case still bothers me, as I see this as a marketing opportunity for restaurants to expand their customer base or at least get some word of mouth promotion through diners. Yet some restaurants that we visited in the past didn’t take advantage of this opportunity and failed to live up to the expectation that they establish through non-DOV time.

All in all, this is still a good opportunity to check out some of the restaurants at a more affordable price. Happy eating!

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The Story

Moonrakers was my first pub. It was the first place that I became a “regular”. This visit was a reminder of how much has my life changed, and how terribly old I’ve become. And just like me, Moonrakers has come a long way since its neighbourhood dive days.

When I was just a young lad of 19, Moonrakers was a seedy little joint near where I worked. A good friend of mine lived above it. So it wasn’t long before it became our after work, after school, and after workout hangout. It was dark, shady, and often had questionable people. We loved it dearly.

The food was cheap, the portions were generous, and it had the BEST wings in town. They were crispy and moist pieces of heaven, served with sauce on the side. Rest of the menu was amazing too, I could go on and on.

Fast forward to the present, few things remain the same. (more…)

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