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While we were staying in Courtenay, we learned that there were two breweries in town plus another one in Cumberland. It was a very hot summer day and we needed some refreshing beer to cool us down, so we paid Gladstone Brewing a visit!

Gladstone focuses on Belgian ales, European lagers, and Pacific Northwest style India pale ales. The interior is quite interesting. It reminded me of an auto repair shop. In fact, its flight paddles are license plates mounted on a piece of wood plank.




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And the draw is: Red Racer Jitter Buzz

Today we have Jitter Buzz, an Imperial Coffee Stout, made with Cold-pressed organic espresso, courtesy of Bean Around The World.

I have a secret; I’m not a coffee fan. I’m a tea guy through and through. Really, the only time I drink coffee is when it’s in the form of a latte or something along those lines. (more…)

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And the draw is: Parallel 49 Filthy Dirty Grapefruit IPA

Oh hello, what do we have here? Not just P49’s IPA, Filthy Dirty, but a blend between Filthy Dirty and Tricycle! This seems like it could be pretty cool so let’s dive in. (more…)

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And the draw is: Parallel 49 Bodhisattva Dry-Hopped Sour

Another sour from P49 today! There was a time when I wouldn’t have been particularly excited about this. After the first Lil Red, and a few other meh’s, I wasn’t sure P49 was going to be my sour brewery of choice. But they’ve really stepped it up over the last year, and are now on my sour beer thumbs-up list. Practice makes perfect, right?


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And the draw is: Red Racer Belgian Strong

Another Belgian beer from CC today (woo!), this time a Belgian Strong. How strong is it? 11.2% ABV. Yes, that’ll do. That’ll do. (more…)

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And the draw is: Parallel 49 Salty Scot Maple

Salty Scot was my first P49 beer and I loved it. The sweet, salty caramel flavour reminds me of chewing on a salted caramel candy – and I think those are just delicious. And here’s a pop quiz for you: Guess what else I love? If your answer was “Maple”, then here’s a HIGH FIVE for you! I think I’m more excited about this beer than any other so far this year. Seriously. (more…)

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And the draw is: Red Racer Three Peaks Belgian Tripel

My first true craft beer was La Fin Du Monde by Unibroue, a delicious Belgian Tripel. This is the style that made me fall in love with craft beer to begin with, and I am always excited to try a new one. (more…)

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