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It’s always been on my list to try La Foret but for whatever reason I never did. When I took Mama Lam out shopping at Metrotown one weekend, I decided to take her there first.

The entrance could be deceiving because it seems like a small space, but it’s narrow and long with lots of seating available. You will find numerous 2-tops that can be turned into 4-tops, but also a few long communal tables for big groups.

La Foret


For Mama Lam, she ordered Chicken + Waffle, with buttermilk fried chicken and squid ink waffle. I’ve never squid ink waffles before. The texture of the waffle was quite interesting; it’s denser than typical Belgian waffle yet it’s spongy and lighter than expected. There’s a hint of fishiness from the squid ink. Chicken was boneless thigh meat; batter was thin, crispy, and meat was juicy. It’s a good portion size, quite filling for brunch.

Chicken + Waffle at La Foret

The Sausage Platter was marked as a new item on the menu. (more…)


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It has become increasingly difficult for me to find a regular pub/bar, that has both good food and drinks (or at least moderately priced beer), with music that doesn’t drown out conversation, and is casual enough to wear t-shirts and jeans but not look out of place if I came after work. Do you guys have a pub/bar that you frequent? I could really use some suggestions.

Entrance to Portland Craft

Entrance to Portland Craft

Portland Craft is a runner up for me. The space feels big, with incredibly high ceilings and resembles very much of a loft – the blue-grey walls probably add to it. There’s a mezzanine for larger groups and the kitchen, which kind of sucks for the servers having to balance plates and bowls and teeter down the stairs. They have multiple burlap bags hanging from the ceiling, I don’t know what’s inside of them. Their big chalkboard of beers is mounted on what looks like re-purposed wood flooring in a variety of stains.

Awesome new way to re-purpose some flooring!

Awesome new way to re-purpose some flooring!

Although located on Main Street, this place is open for all – as in it is not limited to hipsters only. (more…)

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