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I usually use Dine Out Vancouver as the opportunity to try restaurants that I’ve never been before. Even some of the institutions that have been around for a long time. One of which was Salmon House in West Vancouver. This year, they had a pretty appealing menu for DOV, and so Mr. and I invited Mama and Papa Lam to join us for dinner.


The first appetizer was the Lobster Bisque. It was rich and creamy, and you can taste the lobster essence. Mr. found it borderline salty, but to me it’s normal for most lobster bisque. What made this better was the addition of candied salmon; it added some sweetness to the savouriness, as well as accentuated the seafood flavours in the bisque.

Lobster Bisque

We ordered some House Made Bread to go with our appetizers. For $3, 4 dinner rolls may seem pricey. But fresh, warm, house-made bread is always good and worth more. This was even better because two were regular bread, and two were cheesy bread. They were served with smoked salmon butter, and the salmon flavour was very prominent. If we were not conscious of the fact that it’s butter, we could probably keep eating it.

House Made Bread with Smoked Wild Salmon Butter

The Salmon House Sampler was a generous sized appy. (more…)


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I’ve always wondered, could a girl who’s so good at eating be just as good at cooking? Hopefully this short review will answer that question.


On V-Day, I had the pleasure of being treated to a delicious homemade dessert by Joyce. And yes, I’m referring to food (mind out of the gutter folks).  

For us men, chocolates are simply bittersweet snacks that we sometimes choose over fruits. They have never been an important part of my life, and they will never serve as a substitute for anything else. So right off the bat, Joyce gave herself a pretty big challenge to overcome, not taking the easy way out to please a man.  

Molten Lava Cake with Chocolate Ice Cream


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