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Since Lisa had to get all creative and do something different, I guess I’ll follow suit. They aren’t in any order, and some are just random thoughts off the top of my head.

  • Chinese black vinegar – I love this stuff. And I use it on a number of  inappropriate things, but mostly Asian style food.
  • Ketchup – This to me is the western version of the black vinegar. Once again it gets put on a number of things where ketchup doesn’t belong (for example, a hard boiled egg).
  • Warming up cookies – It’s not that I wouldn’t eat them cold, but it’s like having plain toast vs toast with butter. Nuking a chocolate chip cookie for a few seconds in the microwave just makes it so much softer and more delicious.
  • Microwave dinners – I bet this isn’t something you’d expect on my list. But for reasons I can’t even explain, this is a guilty pleasure for me. I suppose it’s similar to why some people like instant noodles.
  • The “perfect mouthful” – Anytime I take a mouthful of the food I’m eating, I like to get an even mix of the ingredients. For example, if I’m having stew, I can’t eat just a piece of meat without some potatoes in the same mouthful. And there would be times where I’m shoving more food into my mouth before I even chew what I just put in, to get an “even” mouthful. I know… I’m nuts.
  • Drinking with food – Yes I realize this is bad for digestion, but I NEED to do this, especially with dry foods. If I don’t get to drink something with… let’s say a PB&J sandwich, I might as well just not eat it.
  • Eating alone – When I’m at home, I love eating alone. I’d do the terrible thing of sitting in front of the TV or the computer and watch shows, and loving every second of that freedom. However I can’t imagine eating at a restaurant by myself, even if it’s fast food.
  • Eating in car – A lot of car guys are adamant about no food in their cars. I, on the other hand, really enjoy picnicking in a car, if the passenger doesn’t spill a cupful of lemonade on my carpet. Ask me what else I like to do in a car.
  • Late night eating – Late night snacking is for girls, real men have late night eating. I don’t just grab a couple pieces of chocolate or some chips; I’d make myself a meal some nights. On the other hand I don’t eat in the mornings.
  • Carbs and Vegetables – Strangely, the most important part of a meal for me is carbs. I could have a KFC Double Down and not be full after because it didn’t have any buns. I also really like my vegetables. I prefer to have a good veggie/fruit to meat ratio in every meal.
  • Breakfast – Breakfast is brilliant. I love breakfast. However it’s not the time of the meal that I enjoy, but the content. I don’t eat in the morning, but I love eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, waffles, fruits, and all other common ingredients in a western breakfast. And don’t get my started on a traditional Tianjinian breakfast with a Chinese donut crepe and tofu soup. I’d KILL for some. (more…)

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I thought I would switch it up a little bit, instead of doing yet another review. Maybe you guys can relate. In no particular order:

  1. When eating leafy vegetables, like gai lan (Chinese vegetable) or even lettuce, I always pick the leafy part or the most green part. It tastes better.
  2. For pizza, I eat the crust first. Then I spin my pizza slice around and start eating the tip.
  3. I don’t eat french fries unless there’s ketchup. And when I squirt ketchup on brunch food, I like to squirt smiley faces on them.
  4. When I’m walking and eating, especially matcha soft serve ice cream from Konbinya, 80-90% of the time I get stopped by a stranger and asked where I got my food item from because I look like I’m really enjoying it. No, it’s not just in Vancouver, I’ve been stopped while I was on vacation too.
  5. If there’s a bag of chips, I purposely scour the entire bag for folded chips and eat them first. It’s even better when they’re folded twice.
  6. There’s an order for how I eat my breakfast. Toast first, then eggs, then potatoes, and then meat (which are usually sausages, I don’t like bacon).
  7. I take a long time to eat, but the meal that takes the longest is usually breakfast/brunch, then lunch, then dinner. If you’re out eating brunch with me, it takes me anywhere from half an hour to hour and a half to finish.
  8. I only like the tops of asparagus, the bottom stalk part is boring.
  9. When I drink soup, I like it scalding hot. If it doesn’t burn my mouth, I probably am not enjoying it. And yes, I know that doesn’t really make sense. But neither does your face.
  10. If you go into a restaurant and order a well done steak, I will probably walk out.
  11. I am appalled by the fact that some people don’t like broccoli. How do you not like broccoli?! I can’t seem to understand it.
  12. (more…)

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