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Over a five-day winecation in the Okanagan (yes, we have an “official” name for our wine vacation) with our friends B&K, we visited a number of wineries, eateries and attractions in the area. One of which was TIME Winery & Kitchen in Penticton. Back in 2018, we had a tour of the winery prior to its opening, having the opportunity to speak with the late Harry McWatters and his vision for the urban winery. Fast forward to 2022, TIME has changed hands to Ron and Shelley Mayert, with the McWatters sisters continuing to manage the operation. B&K are wine club members there, and there are perks such as a discount on food and complimentary wine tasting. We ended up spending 3 hours at TIME, starting with a lunch.

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Continuing our journey from Part 1 of the Dishcrawl Kitsilano adventure, we took a short walk and stopped at Romer’s Burger Bar. When we sat down, I only had very little room for more food, so I was secretly hoping that they would give us small portions. Thankfully, they gave us the right amount of food (I know, it’s so defeating the purpose, but I didn’t want to waste any more food either!).

Romer's Burger Bar

Romer’s Burger Bar

Romer’s Burger Bar (1873 W 4th Avenue)

It was a trio of a slider-size Man’s Man Burger, mini Fries with Fresh Chopped Garlic & Sea Salt, and a side of Deep Fried Pickled Jalapeno. The Man’s Man Burger was quite good; the patty was juicy and I liked the crunch from the onion strings. Overall I did find the burger to be a bit salty, but I wasn’t quite sure what caused it. Could be the mustard or smoked alder salts. The Garlic Fries was sooo good! They weren’t double-fried but it’s light and crispy. I’m not a huge garlic person but for some reason I found these fries super addictive. (more…)

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