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We were invited to go on a tour to check out the various Donnelly Group properties and their Dine Out Vancouver menu. Executive Chef Alvin Pillay has recently returned to the company group, and he’s quite proud of the menus that he’s put together. Ten of the Donnelly Group properties are offering similar items. Specifically, there are 6 core items that can be found at all these locations, which we tried on this tour, along with their respective beverage pairing. Each Donnelly Group location also offers an additional entree option on their Dine Out menu.


Our first stop was at The New Oxford, where we tried the two appetizers.

The Curried Parsnip Soup could definitely warm you up on a chilly winter day. The curry spices really came through; I could taste a lot of ginger. Soup was creamy, and the roasted apple offered some texture in contrast. Suggested wine pairing is the Volcanic Hills Pinot Gris. The apple note in the white wine was a great match with the soup.

Curried Parsnip Soup

The Winter Salad sounded and seemed simple, but there’s an interesting depth to it. The buttermilk sumac dressing brought tartness and spice, black sesame added some nutty flavours, and the Moroccan pita bread gave it some crunch. The 50th Parallel Riesling isn’t as sweet as a typical Riesling, which worked well with this light salad.

Winter Salad

Next, on a trolley, we were taken to The Blackbird Public House, right upstairs from Royal Dinette.

Bar at Blackbird

The first of the two core entrees was the Bangers & Mash.


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Mid-twenties is kind of a funny age; it’s when you realize you, along with all your friends are getting old, but you won’t admit it even if it kills you. It’s when you start to consider a salad instead of a cheeseburger, and a ritual like wings night starts to become a massive coronary waiting to happen rather than pounds of delicious deep fried meat.

Anyways, back to the denial thing; a couple weeks ago the guys and I went down to The Thirsty Duck Pub in New Westminster for their 25cent wings special (Wednesdays). I’ve always liked pubs in New West—they remind you of the bars you see in movies and TV shows, instead of the yuppie joints in Gastown that charges 10 bucks for a beer you’ve never heard of.

What went in

1lb of each flavour

I’ll start by saying the wings there were absolutely delicious, better than Wings wings. At a quarter a piece, you won’t find better wings for less around Vancouver. They are cooked just right, and are decent sized as well so they are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. We went ahead and ordered a pound of each flavour, 7 in total, honey garlic, sweet and spicy, thai, teriyaki, hot, BBQ, and salt and pepper.  (more…)

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