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And the draw is: Parallel 49 Filthy Dirty Grapefruit IPA

Oh hello, what do we have here? Not just P49’s IPA, Filthy Dirty, but a blend between Filthy Dirty and Tricycle! This seems like it could be pretty cool so let’s dive in. (more…)

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And the draw is: Parallel 49 Bodhisattva Dry-Hopped Sour

Another sour from P49 today! There was a time when I wouldn’t have been particularly excited about this. After the first Lil Red, and a few other meh’s, I wasn’t sure P49 was going to be my sour brewery of choice. But they’ve really stepped it up over the last year, and are now on my sour beer thumbs-up list. Practice makes perfect, right?



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And the draw is: Red Racer Belgian Strong

Another Belgian beer from CC today (woo!), this time a Belgian Strong. How strong is it? 11.2% ABV. Yes, that’ll do. That’ll do. (more…)

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And the draw is: Parallel 49 Salty Scot Maple

Salty Scot was my first P49 beer and I loved it. The sweet, salty caramel flavour reminds me of chewing on a salted caramel candy – and I think those are just delicious. And here’s a pop quiz for you: Guess what else I love? If your answer was “Maple”, then here’s a HIGH FIVE for you! I think I’m more excited about this beer than any other so far this year. Seriously. (more…)

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And the draw is: Red Racer Three Peaks Belgian Tripel

My first true craft beer was La Fin Du Monde by Unibroue, a delicious Belgian Tripel. This is the style that made me fall in love with craft beer to begin with, and I am always excited to try a new one. (more…)

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