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We were approached to experience a new online coffee seller at GotMyBeans.com. The premise of the website is the freshness of the beans — “We ensure all beans delivered to our customers are freshly roasted, providing the unique aroma and flavour the Master Roaster intended. Our inventory is managed just-in-time, obtaining supply from our partners only to meet the immediate demand of our customers. No coffee sits on our shelves for more than five days. “ — as a coffee drinker, quality and freshness of beans do matter to me, so I was intrigued and agreed to give it a try.

The eCommerce website is pretty straightforward. You select the beans you want, put in an order and go. The nice thing is that it has a user review feature that allows you to read about what other fellow coffee drinkers think. I liked its clean design, too.

GotMyBeans.com Product Listing

GotMyBeans.com Product Listing

Upon placing the order, it is shipped when they receive the freshly roasted beans. Then it would be sent to you via Canada Post. I received the shipment within 1 week from ordering. You can smell the roasted coffee beans even through the packaging.

GotMyBeans.com Package

And as soon as you open the box, it’s as if you are circulated by a cloud of coffee beam scent. (more…)

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I recently checked out the Main Street Honey Shoppe, the retail front brought to you by the Honeybee Centre in Cloverdale. I remembered back in the days when I was working in the agriculture sector, I would drive by the Honeybee Centre all the time and stopped by a few times getting my fix of honey.

This retail store not only features their own honey product, but they also import interesting honey from Europe and Australia. You can also do honey tasting, or even grab a coffee to pair with pastries made with their honey.

This Vancouver store makes honey shopping much more convenient. Now you don’t have to drive out to Cloverdale to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Here are some photos of the store:

Honey TastingMain Street Honey ShoppeHoneybeeHoney meadBee skep decorDecor
Honeycomb + cheese + crackerHoney cake fresh out of the ovenBaked goods made with honeyImported honey from EuropeWhat's your favourite honey?Espresso made with Republica coffee beans
Honey stixIMG_3223

Click here to view the Main Street Honey Shoppe album on Flickr.

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