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A new Japanese style cafe just arrived in Vancouver. Daigyo Cafe officially opens its doors on Robson Street on February 18, but the soft opening was on Feb 9. Here’s a quick look at the inside and some of its menu items.

According to the press release, you will “find a variety of sweet and savoury goods, such as Japanese coffee, Japanese pressed sandos, tea-infused desserts, beverages, and soft serve ice cream. Most notably, Daigyo specifically sources ceremonial-grade, premium organic matcha from Japan’s Shizuoka region.”


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Hello Nori opened its first location on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver earlier this year. They specialize in sushi hand rolls (temaki). It became popular very quickly, with line ups at the door. Since I’ve been almost a hermit during the pandemic, I haven’t ventured out downtown for a number of months. Finally last month with a nudge from my friend CC, we went to check it out.

Hello Nori has a rather small menu, which isn’t a bad thing, keeping it focused and making food prep easier. They have a few set menus or you can order a la carte. They may also have a couple of featured items on the “fresh sheet”, which were ikura and futomaki when I went. While their set menus offer decent selections and a great sample of their hand rolls, I opted for a la carte because I had my eyes on the unagi hand roll.


Toro – which is their version of a Negitoro (toro with green onion) – there’s nothing spectacular about it but it’s flavourful.


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Recently, a famous Japanese tendon franchise — Kaneko Hannosuke — opened its first Canadian location in Vancouver. Tendon is the Japanese name for tempura rice bowl.

Their menu is simple: Premium, Special or Regular Tempura Bowl. All three bowls come with the following tempura — shrimp, kakiage (mixed seafood), soft boiled egg, seaweed and green bean. Premium includes a big piece of conger eel; Special with white fish; and Regular has mushroom. They have a Kid size for good measure, with tempura shrimp, pumpkin, soft boiled egg, seaweed and green bean.

I took Mama Lam and Papa Lam there on a Monday morning. (more…)

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We’ve been to Ramen Koika a few times over the years, to both locations on Davie and Robson. We always ended up ordering a ramen. The black garlic one was my favourite and Mr. fell in love with the beef ribs one. Little did we know the Robson location actually has a K-Pocha Menu, serving up their version of many Korean favourites. We were invited to sample a few items off that menu.

Triple Black Garlic Ramen


We love KFC! As in Korean Fried Chicken!! Their crust is always lighter and when they fry the chicken it’s always less greasy. And moist chicken breast.

It’s no difference here at Koika. The Soonsal Chicken can be either in sweet chilli or soy garlic, and we went for the sweet chilli as it’s our favourite sauce for KFC. There was a decent amount of boneless chicken pieces. The meat was moist, the exterior still held its crispiness and the sweet chilli sauce definitely packed some heat.

Soonsal Chicken

Next, the Gogi Tteok-bok-ki was spicy rice cake with pork belly. (more…)

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After our dinner at Le Parisien, we wanted something sweet to end our evening of non-stop chatters. Someone suggested Nero Waffles and since I haven’t been, I was more than happy to oblige.

And they weren’t kidding about the long line-ups. It was 9:00pm on a Friday evening and we were lucky enough to get a table for 4 after just a 30-minute wait.


The menu is pretty straightforward: Brussels or Liege waffles, then choose your toppings. Between the four of us we shared one of each kind so we could compare and pick out our favourite. For the Brussels waffle we went for Bresilienne. It had a scoop of vanilla ice cream along with caramel sauce and sprinkle of chopped hazelnut and loads of whipped cream. It looked really good! It was rich and creamy, but I thought the waffle was a bit too dry and crispy. It crumbled as we dug our knives in it, and while its description is “light and crispy”, I expected it to be softer in texture. MR and LW both have tried the Brussels waffle in the past and they both said their last experience was not as crispy. Maybe it got too busy and the waffle was in the maker for a few seconds longer?!

Bresilienne on Brussels Waffle

As for the Liege waffle we got the Fruity topping, which featured seasonal fruit including banana, strawberries, kiwi, blackberries, raspberries, and orange slices. (more…)

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